What can you learn from a Dog?


What can you learn from a dog?

Meet Rocky.  He’s our 2 year old baby.  And, I do mean BABY.  I take him for a walk (or run) every morning.  He is so happy to go that he doesn’t even try to disguise his excitement.  Every time I get near him, he bolts for the door like, OMG it’s time! it’s time!!  Even though he knows that every morning, I have to make the coffee, start laundry, check email, and pack a lunch for his Dad… He still shows me how excited he is for his morning walk.

No, he doesn’t have to go potty.  That is NOT why he’s excited.  (He has a doggie door for that:)  He loves to go outside and exercise.  Our walks/runs are just the perfect start to his happy day.

Rocky never stifles his enthusiasm.  We should all take a lesson from him there…  It’s OK to get excited about the things you like to do.  You should MAKE TIME FOR THEM, and do them often.  In fact, that’s probably not the only thing you could learn from him.

You could learn a lot from a dog.

You could learn a lot from a dog.

Rocky isn’t afraid to ask for the things that he wants.  Sometimes he wants a treat, play time, a special toy that requires supervision, dinner…  he knows how to communicate what he wants.  That doesn’t mean he ALWAYS gets his way, (even Rocky knows what ‘grounded’ means) but people that communicate WELL do tend to get their way more often than not.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY.

I can’t tell you how many times Rocky has slightly injured himself while in pursuit of what he wants.  Rocky has an arch-nemesis.  His name is Fred, and he’s a black squirrel that lives in the trees in what Rocky believes is his patio.  Rocky tries to catch him every day.  Fred has many escape routes, so even the few ‘close calls’ weren’t really that close.  Rocky has never caught him, and his constant failure doesn’t deter him from trying again.  Rocky just believes that he will catch him.  Persistence (and perhaps a positive outlook) eventually pays.


Rocky loves to play in the water.  Any water will do.  If there’s a puddle of water on our walk, he will find it and he will play in it!  Even if I’m in a hurry and need to get home, he still gets a minute to play.  WHY?  You should go out of your way to do the things you like!  Do you really think you could say no to that face?

Bloggers have A LOT on their plates.  On top of deadlines, and needing to constantly come up with new and awesome stories to write, we can get seriously stressed.  That’s why it’s important to slow down once in a while and just enjoy yourself!  The next time you feel stressed out or overwhelmed, think about what Rocky would do in your situation.  Maybe it’s just time to get up, walk away from your computer and go outside to find a puddle…


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