1. you should check out my blog youralldayvape.com you’ll love it
    I also quit smoking and started vaping and now it turned into a hobby for me and I have tons of different devices I mean a ton so I know my vaping lol

  2. Wow I’d send this to my uncle but that might be rubbing it in his face haha… he smoked “real cigarettes” for YEARS and was against going to e-cigs until trying someone’s at wedding last year. He’s used them since & says likes them better because they’re more “indoor friendly”, but I don’t care what he says E-cigs got him off those awful cancer sticks. Funny becuase we told him a few years ago about commercial tobacco being radioactive to a certain degree and THAT being a link to cancer, but even that didn’t stop him. E-cigs? They’re pretty cool if you ask me.

    • They are so awesome! I’m glad your uncle finally uses ecigs:) I’ve watched many people turn their nose to them, then later try them and love vaping! Smokers are a funny group… They’ve had this nasty addiction for so long that it’s hard to imagine something helping them give up lightables will be enjoyable:)

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