The future of Blogging- A market trend forecast

The future of blogging-  A market trend forecast

It’s already changing and evolving into what it will eventually become

the future of blogging

It’s changing faster than you think!

Blogging isn’t new.  It’s just finally seeing it’s day in the spotlight.  For a long time, blogging was mostly a personal online journal.  That began changing and offered every hobby or interest a place to call home.

Suddenly, blogs started becoming a hub for news outside of the mainstream.  Your news and entertainment choices multiplied overnight.

Now, we are beginning to see the next stage of blogging… We’re watching it morph into networks that feature regular contributions from many bloggers.  Would-be Empires are building their framework overnight by working together.

The beauty of it is- the bloggers can maintain and grow their personal blogs in unison.

Bloggers will continue growing their own small blogs while becoming a part of a bigger network of bloggers.  We are already starting to see these pop up here and there… This really isn’t surprising.  It makes perfect sense to work together to build one big blogger-based-media-empire.

Eventually, the smaller blogs will make their affiliate income and sell their own products on their blog, but get the necessary exposure from the network.  The better writers will either get paid top dollar per article, or a commission on sales and traffic.  The way that writers get paid can differ from site to site.

Online articles can blow up months after publishing.  

Getting paid a percentage can really score the dough if you write a viral piece.  Networks will still add their own affiliates and ads, etc… but the better writers being allowed to either add their own affiliate link or two, or direct links back to their site and specific articles.  Networks will want the best fitting writers/bloggers and will offer more incentives than traditional writers usually receive for an article in a mag or paper.

If you think blogging is for you, you need to get started now.

The elevator is already closing its doors, so start your blog NOW.  Don’t wait until you have more time, the kids are in school, you graduate high school/college, or whatever put-it-off excuse you’ve been using to avoid getting your blog started.  If you wait much longer, the landscape will change without you in it.  Just get started.  (It will take you some time to get established so don’t delay.)

With any new and growing business field, there are windows of opportunity.  Right now, you can start a blog and build it while you learn.  Growing it takes more time than you can imagine.  BUT-starting now ensures that you are in at a good time.  Eventually, the business standards and practices will change, evolve… morph into something new.  You will wish you had acted before all the new rules and regulations arose out of the beautiful chaos that once was an abundance of opportunity.

All things change and grow- It’s up to you to adapt.

Things change and grow in the tech world.  Blogging is becoming a huge part of the content-rich internet of the people.  Blogs will replace newspapers and magazines- unless they grow and change too!

Back in the early 80’s, computers were these gigantic pieces of emerging technology and were believed by most people to only be of interest to the ‘geeks’ as a hobby…  Now, almost every home in America has some version of that early tech.  Not only do we all use that tech now, but the majority of our household incomes involve using some form of that technology.

Those early computers were written off by many as toys.  They didn’t have a glimpse into the future to show them that they needed to learn and grow with that technology.

Blogging is experiencing similar change and growth.  It started off as a hobby but evolved into a career…

Don’t neglect your foundation.

The foundation of your online business involves a cocktail of many key ingredients.

You need a website.  The best route is self-hosting and the easiest way to build (without knowing code) is to install WordPress.

You need to consistently add quality content.  Informative articles, tutorials and how-to videos, podcasts, images and anything else you can add to your site is content that will grow your following.  Make it the best!

You need to learn SEO and stay up to date on current strategy.  SEO will always be important, and you will never stop learning and staying on top of it.  Who performs the SEO will depend on the network, so bloggers/writers should stay current!

You need to continuously learn and grow with the industry.  Learn to love the self-education process.  Read something every day that pertains to your field.

You need to understand you are growing a business and invest the time it needs to grow.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  But if you are patient and consistent, you can make it as a blogger.  There is no magic time frame for success in blogging.  Some make it in less than a year while others take longer.  It’s up to you to learn, grow and invest the time.

You need to leverage your social media accounts.

If you signed up for Pinterest when it first began, you’d have a massive following to pin to today.  Now we have to grow our following slowly so we can get traffic to our sites…  delayed opportunity.

Who knew that Pinterest would drive so much traffic to websites?  Who knew that social media channels would be such a driving force in business?

Grow your social media.  It doesn’t matter if you have a business or not.  Grow that outlet in case you ever need it!  Eventually, jobs will be offered to those with not just the skills for the job, but to those that also have a respectable social network.

If you hear about an emerging social channel, check into it.  You never know what the next Pinterest will be.

The WRITING matters.

Think about the high quality of writing that we used to see in the bigger newspapers.  It was only the best.  Yes, there’s been a steep decline in quality over the years.  Print just doesn’t make the money that it used to and many editing positions were cut.  Writers were left to edit their own work or one editor had many writers… it’s been disastrous to say the least.  You can open (almost) ANY publication and find errors.

ANYONE can start a blog.  Not every blog will make the cut.

anyone can start a blog

      Anyone can start a blog- 

The market is already flooded with bloggers.  The 2 biggest factors in the future survival of a blog will be the writing quality and content offered.

There are thousands of blogs with poor writing.  Those will be squeezed out first.

Invest some serious time and effort into improving your writing skills!  Don’t stop there.

Hone the craft until you are the best.

USE A WRITING TOOL.  If your writing is still sub par, hire an editor!


Remember that writing online is like talking to your friends, only cleaned up a bit. 

You are writing online-  To a market of people from different countries, different backgrounds and different points of view.  Why would you limit yourself to the teenagers and twenty-somethings that still don’t understand why they shouldn’t air their dirty laundry on facebook?  There are MILLIONS of other people that you could reach by just keeping it cleaned up.

You better know the laws.

Bloggers are already seeing the legalities of blogging defined.  We already have to mention that we have affiliate links so that people will understand how we make money.  It will go further than that at some point.  Eventually, you will need a real piece of paper on your wall that says you have a License to blog.  Let’s hope that it brings with it some sort of ‘seal’ placed on the blog to replace the ridiculous affiliate link disclaimers.

The official ‘License to blog’ will come with a nice fee to pay every so often, along with some way to prove that you know the laws surrounding blogging.  Start researching the laws now and stay ahead of trouble.

Networks will likely be big.

Blogging doesn’t have the overhead that a newspaper or magazine has.  This makes for an unlimited growth potential.

The most successful networks will have something for everyone.  A ‘one stop shop’ for news and entertainment.  AND- there will be many of them.

Readers love blogs for the engagement of the comments as well as the story itself.  A successful writer will engage with their readers on each new article.

Blogging Internships will be offered to budding writers.  They will be encouraged to have their own blog while learning and growing in the network.  Interns that are a good fit will be offered something more lucrative while those that fall short will be let go to explore other options.

Interns will be offered a specific amount of time to learn and grow in.  If you choose an internship, that is all the time you will have to show what you can learn and do for the network.  Make the most of your time!

Mind your manners.  You never know who’s watching.

Finally, let’s close with some advice.  You’ve heard for many years now (as long as social media has existed) to watch what you say and do on social media.  You’ve been told that SOME employers look you up on social media before deciding whether or not to hire you…

It’s no longer just a few curious companies.  More employers check social media as

You are your blog

                            You are your blog.

an integral part of the hiring process.  MANY companies no longer call references but check into all social channels instead!

What do your social networks say about you?  Clean them up now before your poor choices of youth destroy your future chances at the career (or college) of your dreams.

For those of you, that can no longer blame youthful stupidity… that photo of you passed out probably isn’t the best choice for social media.  You may think you’re too young for this to pertain to you or that the factory you applied to doesn’t check into this stuff… but you’d be wrong.  Clean it up.  Keep it clean and try not to make too many bad life choices from here on out;)

Even if the company you hope to work for doesn’t require pre-employment drug tests, it’s probably NOT a good idea to have any kind of drug reference on your social media.

Everyone should come up with a social media strategy now and start executing it.  Even if you are just a teenager…  we all benefit from building an appropriate online presence.

Social media is big and just keeps growing in both size and uses.  It’s here to stay, so use it to your advantage.  Don’t let it keep you down by being foolish.

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  1. Hi Nicki

    Blogging at present time is so much easier than it was a couple of years ago. In the past you had to learn how to code and that was a very hard task to do.

    Now with WordPress it is very easy to do. To setup a domain and hosting is also not that hard anymore. English is also my secondary language so if I can do it then most people can.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      You are so right. I’ve met several successful bloggers that write in English when it’s not their native tongue. They are doing quite well too!

      The days of needing coding experience to have a website or blog are long gone. Blogging is for anyone with internet access!

      Blogging will eventually be a part of almost every persons life… might as well get started now:)


  2. Hi Nicki,

    That was great read to see your insights in to what the future holds for bloggers. Yeah, for sure the days are gone, long gone of blogs being online journals.

    Some times its bloggers and via the power house of wordpress that real news is getting out. I Live in Thailand, and managed to cover in real time the military coup of 2014 (still n going) long before any western journalists or photographers arrived representing the “real” main stream media channels. Nice being able to sell my articles, photos and video’s of the tanks in the streets!

    Blogging has certainly come a long way in the past 5-6 years. The future, very interesting as pretty much anyone can have their own blog.

    • Hi, Derek!

      You are exactly the kind of news blog I was talking about!:) Real news, in real time… not the watered down, staged for appearance stuff we see in the mainstream media. Blogging is really just a simple word that means ‘Real people, real events, real reporting’.

      Good luck to you in your future endeavors:)


  3. Hi Nicki,
    There, you have it right! Networking among bloggers is inevitable even today- just like it’ll be in the future you are predicting.
    Looking at the year 2020, Mobile optimization of content will be key for bloggers’ networks. There’s also likely to be live stream blogging- much like a live podcast- where people will be seeing their favorite blogger/s posting live and they’ll be commenting at that same time- e.g. every Wednesday 2200 EST, etc

    • You also see the future quite clearly!:) We are already seeing established bloggers using webinars and podcasts. I think that live stream blogging will be a fun addition to the blogosphere. No matter what your favorite method of blogging becomes, it’s here to stay and growing fast!


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