The downside to growing your pinterest following

There's a dark side to growing your pinterest following, and boy did I find it.

There’s a dark side to growing your pinterest following, and boy did I find it.

Hello, my friends in blogland!

I have written a few articles detailing Pinterest growth.  The funny thing is, there are tons of pins available that advise you to grow your following in a certain manner but fail to list the downsides. So, here it is- The downside to growing your Pinterest following.

I have been reporting my successes and not so fun failures about growing my Pinterest account in real time.  I am learning and passing it on to you as it happens.

I have just spent the past week and 3 days ignoring my own mass following advice.  Now, I had researched this for, well… FOREVER.  The vast majority of pinners with extremely large followers all said the same thing.  Mass follow…

NOBODY, as in, NOT ONE(!) pinner mentioned anything about the ginormous amounts of followers that you would get that really weren’t wanted.

What am I talking about?  Well, Porn for starters.

Yep, porn.  Right there, all over my newsfeed.  The funny thing is, the porn wasn’t even the most frustrating thing I had to deal with when I reached about 3k followers.  Yes, my following was growing nicely… but OMG I couldn’t find a single pin for my own boards in my newsfeed anymore.  I needed my newsfeed to be filled with the things that my boards are made of.  I’m trying to grow a business here.  Not a porn channel. lol

What are the other things I found on my feed?  Teenage pinings.  Yep.  Tons of OMG Beckaaaa it’s one direction, let’s scream and cry now.  I wanted to vomit…  Teenage EVERYTHING had invaded my feed.  I couldn’t take it anymore!  I spent hours, yes… HOURS unfollowing people on Pinterest.  It was way more tedious than mass following.

Here’s the skinny on unfollowing the clutter types that you have NO interest in seeing on your feed:

It takes time.  All you have to do is scroll your feed and Pin like usual.  When you see something offensive or less than desirable, click on them and unfollow.  Yes, it’s easy peasy.  But it does take time away from your actual Pinning.  If you’re growing a business, like me… you don’t really have time for this type of stuff.

This time stealer is why I have stopped with the mass following while I continue to clean my newsfeed.  I’m still growing, albeit at a snails pace…  but growth is growth.  It’s very hard to go back to the slow and steady growth after the grow by hundreds per week I was used to.  It was quite addicting.

I did make some changes that have beefed up my number of likes and repins by tenfold, though.  I was playing with my account so I could add my website address under my username when I discovered a link to verify my website.  I’m staring at this, trying to decide if I want to go through the trouble of verifying when I noticed another link for switching to a business account.  I clicked on that link first…

Switching to a business account was quick and easy.  I then verified my website, which also was pretty simple.  Now, I only Pin a few new Pins every day, but I get loads of likes and repins!  So, I’d say that switching to a business account and verifying my website were the 2 biggest improvements on my Pinterest account so far.

I’d love to hear about your Pinterest growth.  Have you tried any of the growth tactics?  How did they work for you?  Comment below and tell me about your Pinterest experience:)



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