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Hello, my friends!

I’m so glad you’re joining me on my blogging adventure.  This is my first blog entry since I decided to change EVERYTHING about my blog.

(I’m still really into the writing aspect, I just don’t want to coach writing 24/7.  The free writing lessons are still available; you just have to look under the writing page.)

I want to get a little more into sharing my decorating/crafting/artwork AND building relationships.

It occurred to me the other day that I’m kind of a shitty friend.  I don’t mean to be.  I really do mean well.  The problem is, I’m like, reaaalllly self-absorbed.  I indulge all of my hobby whims… so I end up spending a ton of time very focused on my projects.

So there, my secret is out.  I’m an awesome friend when the stars align and we can actually hang out.  AND!  I’m pretty attentive when you text or voxer or comment, so it’s not like I get the shittiest friend award or anything.

Ready to see some of the projects I worked on this week?

Hubby and I have been closing in the carport that we had rebuilt after the years first wind storm blew the old one away.  (Yeah… blew it right onto my car.  But, no worries, she’s shiny and new again:)  I don’t work on this project without my hubs.  It’s OUR project and we work on it together.

I have also been remodeling the kitchen.  New kick-ass table, sanded and re-stained cabinets in a mahogany finish, and fresh pale lavender paint (with silver glitter added that I didn’t think anyone would notice, but I was wrong…) are just the beginning.  I’ve been redecorating at a snails pace.  It will be a while before I really start posting pics of the kitchen.

I have a few items from the previous kitchen décor that I wasn’t willing to part with.  Sadly, they don’t exactly match what I have going on in the new décor, so I decided to get creative in displaying them.

This brings us to my first project this week-   The genie bottle.

This piece was originally in my Grams curio cabinet.  I loudly exclaimed my covetous love for the bottle over the licensetoblog.comcourse of many years before she was ready to part with it and kindly gave (I seriously begged) it to me.  It’s been displayed in my kitchen for over 5 years now.

Here is the Genie bottle next to the roses my kids bought me for mother’s day.

The purple fabric came with the roses (I believe it’s meant to be used as a vase licensetoblog.comskirt) and already had a slit in the center.

All I had to do was gather the fabric in a pretty manor and tie it with silver wired ribbon that I bought (super inexpensive) at Goodwill.

See that tiny halo of silver at the top?  I dropped the bottle and broke the tip off a few years ago, now it’s camouflaged.

This project only took a few minutes to complete, but that’s only after you subtract the time spent staring at the project in different locations and angles.  Seriously.  Decisions are hard.

Right now, it lives on the corner cabinet until I get the two new big pieces that will forever change my kitchen.licensetoblog.com


The next project I want to show you is the SKULL candelabra.

skull cadleabra

skull candelabra

The hubs and I found this at a small collectibles store in North Webster, Indiana.  We brought it home well over a month ago.  It sat on one of our shelves for weeks, still sporting the price tag.

My husband had asked for red candles on several occasions to no avail… I looked for red tapers everywhere I went.  So, after a wal-mart trip was unsuccessful (out of stock AGAIN) I decided to improvise.

It’s no big secret that I shop Goodwill frequently.  I buy up all the sewing and craft supplies I can find on half-off day.  A few weeks ago, I had found a good sized roll of red glittery tulle.  I had no plans for it when I found it.   I just knew that it would eventually become a part of some future project.

I had purchased the white tapers, along with several other colored tapers in a bag for one tiny price from Goodwill…

I just unrolled the tulle a bit and started wrapping it around the candle.  I started at the bottom and began wrapping it toward the top.  Once I reached the top, I started bringing it back down towards the bottom again.

wrap the candle

wrap the candle

At this point, I cut the tulle and placed a bit of hot glue at the seam.  Just put the candle in the holder with the glue side towards the back and you’re all set!

I basically crossed my fingers that hubby wouldn’t hate the glitter.  Good thing I’ve desensitized him to all things glitter over the years…

He took the candelabra and found it a new home in the man-cave.

licensetoblog.comI never burn tapers anymore.  I use them just for decoration.  So, if you’re like me, and you tire of the candles moving or falling out of the holders, just place some hot glue in the base before inserting them.  Problem solved.

If you plan to burn the candles, you probably shouldn’t wrap them in tulle- or anything else.  But, if you’re a taper burner, you can light the candle and drip some hot wax in the holder before placing the candle so it stays put.


Next week, I have loads of new projects planned.  I’m happy to say that I moved almost all of the 6 tons of rock by hand this week (with help from hubby in the evening) so that the site work is done and we are ready for the arrival of our workshop.

Now there’s just 5 tons of sand to spread and level for the pool.  And the raised beds need filled and planted.  And the privacy fence needs finished, and the chain link removed, and two vertical planters built and planted…  You get the picture.

See you next time:)


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