OMG… Another project completed.

Welcome to this week’s crazy lady wrap-up.

As promised, I had a bunch of projects in the works and planned that I want to tell you about.

Since I last blogged, I accomplished a ton of stuff on my list as well as added more to my list and finished things that were never on my list.  Confused yet?  Welcome to my world!

A side note-  my very first grandchild is due on July 6th.  I was updated this week that it was likely my little darling will arrive early.  I can’t wait for her to get here!  I’m a little (just a tad) excited…

Ok, now that’s outta the way.  Let’s get down to it, shall we?

I went on my twice monthly Goodwill spree last wednesday.  (I hit 4-5  different goodwill stores in northern Indiana in one day)beat up dresser on licensetoblog.com

I found a really beat up solid wood dresser for a major bargain price.

I know you’re looking at that pic and thinking, hey!  I thought you said it was, “beat up”?







Well, let me see what you think when I show you the details… dresser redo diy

Yeah, that looks just like someone stabbed it with a pocket knife a few times.

This poor dresser was used and abused.

Probably by a troubled teen that hates his parents.

(It needed a back story;)

I was really excited to bring this home and get to work.  Hubby had bought me a new sanding device so I was ready to try my luck!

OK, so the new sanding device was just an electric palm sander…  Quit taking ALL the fun out of it!

That evening, after the days chaos was winding down, hubby arrived home from work and I began to tell him about my find.

Let’s just say he didn’t share my optimistic enthusiasm about the potential outcome of my project.

You see, we belong to a ton of those ‘buy-sell-trade’ sites on facebook.  For months now I’ve watched different people buy furniture, refurbish it and sell it for a little profit.  During this time I probably over exaggerated my refurbishing experience just a wee tiny bit on a few occasions.  BUT- it was just enough to get hubby to support me in yet another one of my new hobbies.

The next morning I couldn’t wait to get started.  I sent my hubs off to work, I cranked the music, Plugged in the new sanding device, boda bing- boda boom! Grooviest dresser in the room!dresser diy on licensetoblog.com

OK… it wasn’t quite that simple.  I sanded for a while.  I had sanding dust everywhere.  Then I had to clean the entire patio before I could clean the dresser and prepare it for stain because I had made such a complete mess.  I applied two coats of mahogany stain and danced to Stevie Nicks radio (on Pandora) in between coats.

I watched youtube videos to learn how to properly fill in all the knife wounds.  I replaced all the drawer pulls with cool vintage stuff I found at a second-hand store but never used (until now).

I exercised EXTREME restraint by not texting pics to my hubby at work.  I was happy that I waited until he came home to show him.  He thought I did a good job.  So I took a Pic and posted it for sale on a couple of those facebook sites I mentioned earlier.

The dresser was sold in 37 minutes and had 7 others in line to buy it if the first didn’t show.  It was the first time that I listed something for sale and had complete strangers liking my post and telling me that they loved it.

It felt really AWESOME.

What do you think?


Remember last time when I mentioned the site prep was all done and we were waiting on the arrival of our workshop?

workshop arrives on a trailerIt finally arrived this past Wednesday evening!  It was really neat to watch 2 guys bring a 12×16 building on a trailer and place it gently in between a section of privacy fence and our unfinished and in process carport.  We weren’t the only people to find it fascinating.  Our neighbors came out to watch, too!

Before I start posting the pics of the workshop arrival, I feel it’s only fair to point out that our home is over 130 years old.  We’ve been remodeling for 5 years now.  Sadly, I have ZERO pics of the house before we put the privacy fence up around the patio.    before workshop and fence

This first pic (to the left) is our home last summer before we started putting the privacy fence around the rest of the property.

We were thrilled with this project when we finished.

Soon after the patio was fenced in, I began campaigning for a swimming pool.

My husband wasn’t thrilled with my latest desire, so I went to great lengths to convince him that I NEEDED a swimming pool.  (Thanks go out to power point for making my presentation *POP*)

Once my hubs became thoroughly convinced and onboard the swimming bus, he decided that the whole property should be fenced in.  before workshop

Sadly, I forgot to take a pic of the driveway before we tore out the section of privacy fence that would eventually become the workshop.

You can use your imagination, though… and just ignore the incredibly messy back yard that has gates and fence sections leaning all over the rest of the fence.

You may notice that the carport is really tiny in that first pic compared to the carport that’s being built now.  We doubled the width so we would have more storage area. (YAY!!)

You may also notice that the big tree in the first pic doesn’t make an appearance in the other pics.  Thanks to an early spring storm, the tree had to go.  It was the same storm that convinced our old carport (that we hated) to relocate.  Eh… bygones.

finished workshopNow that the workshop is in place and there are only a few more weeks until the carport will be completed, I can finally add “finish the backyard and landscape” to the list of projects!  WOOHOO.

I’m very excited to have a dedicated place to create and work.  Now I can tell the dogs that I’m going to work and actually leave the kitchen to do it! WOOT!

This pretty much wraps up my crazy week.

I’d love to say that things are winding down, but I’m pretty sure that’s never gonna happen.  Every time we complete a project, several more just pop up.

Stay tuned for more projects!  I just learned how to turn old clothes into slippers and I’m pretty sure I need to make about 20 pairs…

Thanks for reading!






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