My first experience with essential oils

Hello, my lovelies-  My first experience with essential oils was on my mind today.

I’ve been busy doting on my Grand Daughter and trying to figure out where I wanted to go with my blog.  (I’m completely addicted to my Leah.)

clarycalm essential oil blend

My girls and I all use clarycalm essential oil blend

I was in the kitchen a few days ago, adding water and essential oils to my diffuser when I realized just how much I love my oils.  Even though it’s been some time since my first experience with essential oils, I began thinking about how little I know about them.

So, that’s when I decided to start spending time reading and watching videos on my doTerra fb groups.  I’ve learned a bunch the past few days.  I also realize that I’ve still so much more to learn.  I’ve made it my goal to learn something new about these wonderful gifts every day.

My first experience with essential oils

I started using DoTerra oils 2 years ago.  My Aunt had become a wellness advocate and spoke so highly of them.  I was at her home (with some other family members) to help with demolition of their old garage when I had my first experience with DoTerra essential oils.  I was pushing a wheelbarrow when my normal clumsiness kicked in and I tripped and fell into some wood scraps.  I practically place-kicked a chunk of wood with my shin.  The pain dropped me to the ground.  My Aunt arrived swiftly and applied 2 or 3 different oils.

Now, let me tell ya…  I AM accident prone.  This was not the first time I had used my shin in a feeble attempt at moving an unmovable object.  No, this pain was not unknown to me.  My usual M.O. would be- drop to the ground, writhe in pain while applying maximum pressure on the fresh ouchy, and make that long and annoying breathe-in-breathe-out sound made famous by Peter Griffin.  After a sufficient amount of whine-time has passed, I’d go about my business with a throbbing pain in my shin.

That was not gonna happen today.

I hadn’t even reached my annoying breathe-in-breathe-out part when Auntie came to me armed with her oils.  She pried my cold, white fingers from the site of impact and applied the oils.  The pain was gone almost instantly.  I could actually feel the pain being pushed back.  I was hooked.

I began ordering oils from her, quite frequently.  She had mentioned the wholesale membership several times before I sat down and had her walk me through joining.  I have been building my arsenal every month since then.

I started with just the first 3… Peppermint, wild orange and Lavender.

I bought oils every month-

Soon, I had made my own lotions and deodorant.

Then, I had made my own cleaners and rid my home of chemicals.  Within just a few months, I was using my oils for everything.  I started looking for more information on oils.  I seriously couldn’t get enough.

my first experience with essential oils

peppermint was the first essential I purchased

There isn’t a room in the house that hasn’t been infiltrated by oils.  I use them for everything.  I have found relief from those awful perimenopause symptoms that have been PLAGUING me, thanks to the clarycalm roller.  Both of my daughters use the clarycalm- one uses it daily on her feet while the other uses it more as needed (read: monthly).

My own husband (who loved to call me a witch doctor every time I mentioned oils) lets me put oils on his feet at night.  He now has me apply oils to his back when it goes out because it relieves the pain better than acetaminophen.  If you only knew how stubborn he was about any ‘natural’ medicines, you’d understand why his regular use of oils is such a big deal.

I now have a briefcase full of very organized oils.  I have extras that are unopened and samples of my lotion creations in case I run into someone that wants to try them.   I have lotions for everything- acne, rashes, dry skin, anti-aging…  I’m practically a health and beauty store!

Sharing oils is fun!

I love when one of my friends calls and asks what I have for (insert condition here).  My kids have friends that call me Dr. Mom and stop by regularly to get new samples of the body lotion I make.  I love what oils have done for me, my family, and friends.

It’s easy to learn about essential oils

Aside from all of the resources that doTerra provides it’s users online, I have found that having printed material to give my friends has been incredibly beneficial.  I have the book, Modern essentials, which we use regularly for reference.  Recently, I’ve begun making my own little essential oil handbook that includes information on each oil, suggested uses, and recipes.  I like to keep these with me for anyone seeking information, or if they asked for a sample- I love to help people discover oils!

If you’re more interested in the online sales and affiliate marketing side of essential oils, I have a great introductory article you can read.  It gives some insight into the business sense and possibilities.  For those of you that are considering essential oils for yourself or as a business, I’m a growing team leader with the tools and training to help you learn and/or succeed.  Grow with me!  Read more about essential oils here.

If you would like to learn more about oils, contact me today.  I’m putting together some awesome printables for my email friends!  I love sharing and have built a nice reference library, too.   There are so many things I can tell you about oils and the opportunity.   Anytime you want to learn more, please send me an email with your questions or comment below!

-Nicki D


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