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beyond the basics: affiliate marketing for the future rock stars of blogging.

beyond the basics: affiliate marketing for the future rock stars of blogging.

Hello, my lovelies!

You have found ‘Introduction to Affiliate marketing’ part 2.

In Part 1, we talked about getting started with Affiliate marketing (afmark for short).  So….  now we know that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with our blogs.  I hope you’ve begun signing up.  It can take some time to learn everything the company offers, so it’s always best to get your affiliates set up sooner than later.

There are some skills that do make affiliate marketing get going fast and smooth, but they are not a pre-requisite to affiliate marketing.

Here are my top 5 skills that boost your chances of success.


1) Good writing skills.

It really helps if you have decent writing skills.  Notice that I didn’t say GREAT skills.  You need to be able to communicate your thoughts into readable sentences.  Affiliate marketing seems to work best in a blog format, so conversational writing is best.  ANYONE that doesn’t have the greatest writing skills, grasp of grammar, spelling or style…

Make your articles look more professionally written

First, I’d like to recommend a little editing tool that will help you appear more professional.  It’s called Pro writing aid, and it helps you write better, spell better and improves your grammar!  Use it and love it!  It also has an affiliate program, so you can make money to refer a product you already use.  I’m a HUGE fan of promoting the things that you use!

I mention this first because I have visited many websites that ask for feedback.  I have seen some really killer sites, and though it’s obvious their owners spent a load of time building them, there’s always a bunch of errors in the writing department.  Please don’t let poor grammar degrade your hard work.  It’s easy to look professional with the proper help!

Writing Improvement Software

So, yes… writing skills are important, but programs like Pro writing aid help level the playing field.  You can also just hire someone to write your articles.  I ghost write for other blogs ALL THE TIME.  If you prefer to avoid writing altogether, just contact me:) nicki@licensetoblog.com.


2) Signing up with quality affiliate programs.

Why does this improve your chances of success?  Because a good affiliate company has loads of resources to help you learn, grow and succeed.  They have a great quality product that you use and like so much that you WANT to recommend it!

OK, I know that I talked about the Amazon affiliate program a few days ago, but I still have more to say.  What’s so great about Amazon that I would mention it twice?  I’m glad you asked!

Let’s start with the easiest way to make money with Amazon.  You can earn $3 just for getting people to sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial!  Yeah, you get paid to give away free stuff!  The easiest way to promote this would be to ‘Post’ on your website/blog just a quick write-up and link.  I did just that, and you can see it on my blogroll under Get an Amazon FREE trial now!  Now you have a great benefit to give to your readers, and you can share it across your social media channels.

This one is a no-brainer for me.  My hubs and I have been Prime members for 2 years now.  We stream movies and TV programs through them (we have a roku and an appletv) and we order enough from Amazon that the free 2-day shipping almost pays for the membership.

They have different specials for you to recommend with a variety of links and banners.  You can also just send people to Amazon to shop, in general, or for specific products that you mention on your website.  Making money with Amazon is easy, and the more you sell, the higher your commission!

You can also build an Amazon astore in mere moments.  They are simple and quick to build.  You don’t need to know coding, it’s not technical at all!  You can either hand pick specific items or just add entire categories (like electronics, for example)

I have emailed a few different Amazon affiliates to get the inside scoop.  What I’m learning is that you should use a different astore on each of your websites.  They also recommend having several if you want to consistently make $1000 or more per month.  And they recommend really narrowing down your niche.  Instead of making a site for women’s shoes (which is a really broad topic) you might just focus on women’s athletic shoes.  And you could narrow it down even more by focusing solely on women’s RUNNING shoes!  That would really narrow it down and get people coming to your site simply by SEO.

I’m in the process of using the free websites through Wealthy Affiliate to build specific sites for product reviews.  I will keep you posted as I get further into that!

If you haven’t checked out Wealthy Affiliate, I really recommend giving them a once over.  It takes just a minute to get a free account and you do NOT need a credit card.  It’s free to join and you get two free websites to start you into the affiliate marketing world, and they teach you how to do it!

Okay… enough about my love affair with Amazon.


3) You learn SEO and use it to its fullest potential.

I want to tell you about a really awesome tool that all bloggers need to help drive traffic to their site.  It helps you research and maximize SEO, and even shows you the stats on your competition!  It’s called Jaaxy, and the few times I’ve used it have been eye opening!  Just plug in a longtail version of your keywords and it starts giving you the most searched, least searched, and the longtails with the least competion!  That practically guarantees you that visitors will find your articles!

Jaaxy is a game changer for sites and bloggers that are struggling to get traffic.  It will also speed up your research time as well as help you narrow your niche.  You have to try it for free before you can even upgrade, which is awesome.  It also has an affiliate program…  you already know how I feel about products that I use and their affiliate programs.  (they rock:)  Check out the free trial and comment below to let me know what you think!


4) You understand that using social media to grow your online EMPIRE is a necessity.

You can be the KING of SEO and still want or need more traffic.  That’s where social media comes into play.  I know there are tons of different channels to choose from, but most reports show that Pinterest and twitter have the highest conversion rates.  Your success rate shoots up when you invest the time in learning and growing your social media.

For more information on growing Pinterest, check out these great articles-

Grow your Pinterest following fast

Get started on Pinterest

Make money on Pinterest


5) You have a solid blogging community behind you to help you when you need them.

Community is huge. You finish writing a new article and want feedback?  You ask your community.  You want to add some new-to-the-market gadget to your blog but don’t know how?  You ask your community.  Need comments for your articles to help you rank higher?  Yep…  community.  You need them.  And it’s not always easy to get them.

Community is a gigantic aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.  There is a reason that I talk about them so much.  They have shown me EVERYTHING!  They have helped guide and encourage me.  They have taught me how to build a website from scratch and so much more.  Yes, they have a killer affiliate program.  But, guess what?  I’d still recommend them without the affiliate program.  They are that awesome.  But, you don’t have to just keep taking my word for it.  You could just go sign up for a free account and run with it:)


Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  You have to build your website and invest time into growing it.  You will grow much faster if you get into a good writing schedule.  You should try to post the same amount each week.  There is no real magic number, but 1-3 new articles per week is a great goal to aim for.  Keep in mind, if you are totally new to this, it might take a month or so to get to the 1-3 articles per week goal.  It’s not a race!  But the sooner you get your site up and running, the sooner you will see the fruits of your labor:)


I want to hear from you!  Have you tried any of the programs that I recommend?  Please comment below and tell me about your experience!

Best wishes:)




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