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You like to write, so you started wondering if someone could show you how to make money writing online.  You landed in the right place.  Pull up a chair and relax.  I’m gonna break it down for you.

If you already have some writing experience, getting a few writing gigs isn’t really that hard.  Writing jobs are all over the internet and it isn’t even difficult to find them.  The problem is the pay.  There are so many people looking for the same writing gigs that it’s cheapened the pay scale.  Yes, good paying jobs are still out there, they’re just a little harder to find.

Experienced writers:

There are writers that do very well finding work on sites like Problogger, flexjobs, and Bloggingpro.  The key to earning money on sites like these is building your relationship with the clients once you land a gig.  I suggest only accepting a writing gig when you know you will ‘nail the landing’.  If you do mediocre work, you will only get more jobs with mediocre pay.  But, if you attack every article like it’s for the Times, you are sure to make an impression.

If you stand out on sites like these, you will have clients requesting YOU.  Once you’ve achieved this status, you can raise your pay scale and write for a decent living.  

Less experienced writers:

If you aren’t ready to bid on jobs, you can also try your hand at content writing.  There are some writers that turn their noses up to content mills, but I’ve had some success on Zemandi.  When you click that link to sign up, you’ll notice the first thing they ask for is your invitation code.  Type in 14524 and then finish signing up.  You’ll write a quick sample, they’ll grade your work, and as long as you score a 3-5 you can start taking assignments.

I enjoy writing for them when I have time.  Try not to spend too much time on research.  Most assignments are just 5-7 paragraphs and you should crank them out fairly quickly to maximize your income potential.  Always do a final edit and make sure there are NO typos.  Your pay goes up as you improve.  Take your time in the beginning and increase your skills so you can get paid at the top of the scale!  You can write as little or as much as you like for them.  Try them out and let me know how you do:)

I have been a ghostwriter for a very long time.  The pay is pretty good, but NOBODY knows it’s your work.  Which is why I began teaching others to write for themselves.  There is a ton of work out there and a place for all of us!  The bonus is… you get credit for your work, and you set your pay scale.

Making a living as a writer can be the most rewarding experience of your life.

If you’re a writer that has a pretty good grasp of basic writing concepts and structure (and have some writing experience) you should be writing for yourself!  The pay is much better and seriously, who doesn’t like working for themselves?  Working for yourself is incredible.  I mean, how many other jobs do you know that allow for running to the bathroom mirror to lip sync “I will survive”? (I totally geek out for the remake by CAKE)

For both, Experienced and inexperienced writers:

If writing is a career path you’d like to explore, please read on.  But understand that you will not make a fortune on day one.  Unless you have outstanding credentials, you are starting at the bottom.  It’s up to you how fast you climb to the top.  If you are willing to write regularly and work to improve your skills, you can achieve success in writing.

How do you get started?  I’m glad you asked!


 1.  Showcase your skills.

You need to have examples of your work.  Every potential client you attempt to land will want to see what you can do.  The BEST possible way to showcase your talent, HANDS DOWN, is to start a blog of your own.  Why?  You have a place to direct potential clients where they can see your writing style.  When you write for yourself, you tend to put a little bit more YOU into it.

I happen to personally know a writer that once took the time to write a custom sample for each hopeful client.  (I probably would NOT nag on them so much if this practice actually helped them snag more work.)  They worked so much harder than necessary for no extra monetary gains.  You need to work smarter.. not harder than the other writers!

Fast fact-

Every writer needs samples to show potential clients.  These samples should be your best work.  They should be edited and checked again for errors.  There is no faster way for a writer to get rejected than having samples with errors.

There’s a huge bonus that comes with using a blog to display your talent.  You will eventually garner a following and make money from what started as a place to keep your samples.  Build your website and blog HERE for free.  You’ll love all the classes and feel like an expert in no time at all.

2.  Sharpen your skills.

The only way to improve is by doing.

Some writers swear by a daily word goal.  If you write X amount of words per day you will steadily improve.  (500 words per day is a good place to start)  As with anything else in life, with practice comes perfection.  So set your writing goals, then work to achieve them.  Even if your goal is just one quality article per week.  You have to start somewhere.

I have 5 or more articles in progress at any given time.  A good article has been researched and any links have been double checked.  Take your time and make your blog as polished as possible.  Your blog serves as your online business card.


You can also improve your skills by using tools for writers.  Pro writing aid is a fantastic program that checks your writing.   I HIGHLY recommend signing up for Pro writing aid.  The basic program is free and also offers a more advanced upgrade for those that get serious about writing.  It can save loads of time from the editing process and help you appear more professional.

Writing Improvement Software

3.  Continue Improving.

You should constantly look for ways to improve.  Most writers just keep writing.  Some strive for 5000 or more words per day!  Eventually, the persistence pays off.

You can give yourself assignments and push yourself by researching and writing articles outside of your niche, or area of expertise.    It’s an excellent skill building exercise.  By doing this, you grow your blog and increase your readers too!

4.  Network with other writers/bloggers.

There is one thing that all bloggers will tell you…  build your network.  This is probably the most important aspect of writing/blogging.

Networking gives you extra sets of eyes to help you critique your work, and improve!

Read others blogs!  Comment on their work and help them put their best foot forward.  In return, they will do it for you as well.  Commenting on each others blogs helps you grow.

You can trade editing and guest post for each other, which also promotes mutual growth.  You can LEARN from each other!

Building your blog takes time.  While you’re working to build your blog, it really helps to have others that understand what you’re doing.  When you have questions, or get stuck, it really helps to have a network of people at the ready to help you.

Success in blogging has many factors.  It isn’t just about your ability to write.

Your NETWORK… your COMMUNITY…  they are what will get you through the tough times when you’re overwhelmed or stuck.  I can’t begin to stress their importance.


If you want to succeed in writing/blogging, you have to keep learning and researching so you will grow.  If you stop learning, you’ll stop growing.  If you stop growing… you can wave goodbye to earning a good income from your blog.

I know a lot of bloggers that take classes online or even offer their own class or book to help guide you.  This is great, and there is nothing wrong with going that route.  It’s not the path I chose.

I researched and investigated blogging for months before I got started.  These above 5 steps to writing/blogging success are a pretty well proven formula.  It can be a pretty daunting task to go out and do each of these steps one by one to build your empire yourself.  BUT, if you have your network community from day 1, it can take the stress out of it.

The path I chose for my blogging career was a very easy choice.  I had made my list of what I was looking for and broke it down like this:

A) I want my network/community from the very beginning.  With knowledgeable support I will achieve success quickly.

B) I want step by step classes and tutorials that cover everything from building a website/blog to SEO and monetization.  I felt it would be beneficial if it was set up in more of a chronological order so I could begin learning/building/growing immediately.

C) I want my website hosted by someone that takes care of security for me.  I want to build and maintain my money making website/blog machine without all the nightmare stuff that I read about self-hosting.  (or the sky-high costs involved per website to have someone else take care of security and WordPress upgrades.)

D) I want the website/blog building experience to be simple and quick while looking very professional.

E) I want to learn marketing and how to grow and use social media to expand my blogs reach and income producing potential.

F) I want all of this in one place, for one price.

These are all reasons why I love Wealthy Affiliate.  I signed up initially because it was free to start.  I upgraded because it has all the training I’ll ever need to succeed…  including my network and community.  It’s all there in one place.  All I have to do is continue using it!  And I can host all the websites I want for one super low price.  I highly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate to build your online empire.  Why not sign up now?  It’s FREE to start!  (No credit card needed!!  No payment information whatsoever.)   Look around, take some classes, and meet some of our wonderful people.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


You don’t have to just take my word for it.  You can sign up for free and check it out for yourself!  Everything you need to start and grow an online business/website/blog in one place.  I’ll be there too, helping you every step of the way!  If you have any questions, please comment below.  See you there!



  1. Nice post on how to make a living writing! So with Zemandi, it’s cool that you can make some money off them. If you get good, can you make a living writing for them, even though it’s ghost writing? Also, what exactly are you writing about when you write for this company? Just anything in general?

    • I once wrote back to back articles for them all weekend long and they never ran out of work to send me, so I imagine you could write full time… The key to content writing is quick turnaround. They give you an assignment with guidelines, you then accept or reject. QUICKLY do a bit of research (unless it’s a topic you are familiar with) then write it out and send it in. You can stay as busy as you want. The only down side is that you never know what you’ll be writing about until you get the assignment.

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