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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking into this blogging thing for a while right?  You want to get started, but you really aren’t sure of your next steps.. or you know you can get started, but you still don’t know what you will promote, what your niche will be, or how to make money from your blog… You’re just left wondering how to make money blogging for free.

I needed a coach.  A Mentor…  Someone who could teach me everything I needed to know about Blogging.

Are you ready to get started making money blogging online, but feel like you still need a lot of help?  That’s exactly how I felt too!  I had spent weeks researching and reading everything I could find.  They all make it sound like it’s easy and inexpensive to get started.  Lucky for me, I’m a natural born skeptic.  I dug deeper and researched more until I figured out that it isn’t that easy to get started.. and it really isn’t cheap either.

I’m a motivated research junkie, but what I really needed was my own personal blogging Yoda.

(Please forgive my occasional Star Wars references.  I happen to be an original trilogy freak.  I speak fluent Star Wars…)

I found my Yoda.  I am happy to say that I found everything I was looking for.  Mentors that answer my questions 24 hours a day.  Classes to teach me everything from building a website, choosing a niche to monetizing.  A blogging COMMUNITY that helps each other every single day.  They even give you 2 websites, hosting AND show you step by step how to build a website! And best of all, it’s all FREE.  Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  You really did read that correctly.  It’s ALL FREE.

“Here I was, just minutes into Wealthy Affiliate (or WA as we call it) and I already had MY COMMUNITY!”

Now, let me tell you all about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate.  They are serious Jedi Masters.  I signed up for a free account and was in my profile in minutes.  I added a picture, a short introduction and within a few moments there were people welcoming me!  Talk about community!  People just stopping by to say hello and offer help if you need it… call me crazy, but I had read that it takes months to garner that kind of blogging community, and here I was just minutes into Wealthy Affiliate (or WA as we call it) and I already had MY COMMUNITY!

There are 2 main classes that you will want to focus on immediately.  I started the ‘BOOT CAMP’ class right away, and I highly recommend it to others.  (If you already know what type of niche your website will have, the online certification is awesome too:)  Both classes walk you through building a website for free.  You learn all the back office stuff too!  You never have to worry about security because WA takes care of that for you.  They sound awesome, right?  That’s because they are!

Within just a few days in WA, I understood AND could properly navigate keyword optimization.  I finally knew why all those bloggers wrote articles on SEO, and I knew what to do with it!  I could build a website in minutes, and populated my About, Privacy policy, and Getting Started Pages!  It seriously took NO TIME AT ALL to take me from ‘no idea what I was doing’, to a blog with growing content.

I know you’ve read other bloggers and have at least a tiny idea about affiliate marketing.  But, in case you still don’t understand it, it’s basically how bloggers get paid.  There is an affiliate you can make money with in just about every niche you can imagine.  Some niches have MANY affiliate choices.  Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to pick your niche and find affiliates so you can start making money right away!

I’m not the only one to have such a positive experience at WA.  Come on over and sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT and talk to some of our members.  You have NOTHING to lose, and a WEALTH of knowledge to gain!

Sign up HERE today, and I’ll see you there!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you get personal help not just from our founders and members, but ME too!:)

I can’t wait to meet you!

-Nicki D




  1. Loving all the Star Wars references! 😀 You are doing well, young padawan 😉
    I’m total padawan too by the way… looking forward to going JEDI MASTER MODE though! 🙂

    Best of luck and hope this comment finds you x

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