How to Become a better writer NOW

Become a better writer

How to become a better writer NOW

Well, hey there you awesome blogger!  Yeah, You!  I’m just gonna come out and say it.

Your writing skills need just a wee bit of polishing.  BUT DONT FREAK OUT.  I’m gonna show you how to become a better writer NOW.

Writing mistakes are common, and a part of blogging, right?  I mean, who doesn’t make a few mistakes in their posts now and then?  I’ve been a writer for a long time.  Long enough, that I had to transition from mailing my typed articles into my editor to emailing them, or writing directly on a site platform.  You could say that I’ve been writing for a minute.

I’ve spent a good amount of time this week on research.  I read over 30 blog posts by more than 20 different bloggers.  That’s a lot of reading.  My eyes hurt.

Each blogger had a different niche than the others, even if the difference was small.  That was mostly for me, so I didn’t get bored reading about the same topics for days.

Why would I read about a bunch of different topics while researching an article?

I wanted to know how many bloggers really struggle with the writing aspect of blogging.

You don’t have to be a writing rockstar to make it as a blogger.  BUT- With all of the different writing tools out there, I do find massive errors to be unacceptable.

My research has taught me that every single blogger would benefit from a writing tool.  Even if you are a solid writer, adding a tool can speed up the editing time so much that you will seriously thank me later.

My research findings?  <THE UGLY SIDE OF WRITING>

Of the twenty-something bloggers…

3 were DEFINITELY not native to writing in English.  A tool can greatly disguise that!  (and… kudos!  Seriously, I WISH I could write in your language half as well as you write in mine!!)  But- the errors were so bad at times, it really distracted from your message.  If I was considering the products that you recommended, I might have had second thoughts.  You need to know what you are ‘talking about’, and convey that expertise in your writing.

Over half of the bloggers had more than just a few errors.  As in, MANY errors.  It was obvious.  It also could have been avoided.  Easily…  It doesn’t have to be that way.  It really isn’t that hard to sign up for a program that helps you write better.

One blogger had so many errors that I couldn’t continue reading.  It was painful.  Not one single ‘I’ was capitalized.  Oh, the slang… I’m all for hearing your ‘voice’ in your writing, but I had to consult the urban dictionary on several occasions.  It made me dizzy.  And I keep up on that stuff, yo.

Sadly, there were only two (2) bloggers that consistently had (almost) completely error-free posts.  The only error I found on one of them was a simple ‘an’ instead of ‘and’.   Good job to the two lonely bloggers that most likely use a writing tool:).

What can a blogger do to instantly improve their writing?

You get a writing tool.  You get a writing tool right meow.  You get a writing tool, you use it every time you write and you improve immediately.  Now YOU will begin to notice the blog posts with errors.  You will go back to every post you ever posted and edit it so freaking hard!

But, it isn’t hard.  It’s simple.  And frankly, you will kick yourself in the rear for waiting so long to get one.  Yes, even You.  You may write exceptionally, but you still have to edit.  Editing takes time.  A writing tool gives you that time back.

Let me introduce you to my little friend.

(This post has affiliate links.  I’m proud to be an affiliate for Grammarly.  If you click through and upgrade, I’ll get a small commission.  This does not cost you anything extra!)

HELLOOOOO GRAMMARLY.  Where have you been all my life?

I started using Grammarly a few days ago.  I had written a beginners ‘how-to’ for content writing and suggested a tool I had been using for some time.  I had a few people ask for alternatives that had the full editor to try for free, so I started my research.  What I found was an insanely awesome tool that blew me away.

What does Grammarly do?  Basically, it does everything you’d expect a writing tool to do, and it makes you look mahhhvelous daahling, while saving you precious time!  Seriously.  Don’t just sit there reading.  Go to Grammarly and sign up for a free account, then start writing a blog post.  Take it for a serious test drive.  Write at least 500 words, THEN I want you to come back here and tell me what you think in the comments.

You will giggle with excitement… like a school girl even.

You are just a click away from becoming a writing rock star.  So, go.  Go now.  Become that rock star of writing you’ve always wanted to be.

Thank me in the comments below:)



  1. Hey Nicki,
    Excellent post, very timely too as I was having problems writing again after 3 months of hiatus. I have to say, starting to blog again after that long break is really hard – it took me one week just to finish writing a post which previously took me only 3 hours.

    Out of curiosity, do you have advice on how do I keep writing without emotional constraints? Sometimes its hard to write when there are a lot of things on my mind and its really bothering me.

    • Excellent question! The easiest way to focus is to give yourself a place to write. Even if it’s just a corner of the dining room etc… You need a place where everything you need is ready to go. Just sit down and start writing without distractions. Some writers have a pre-writing ritual that helps them focus too. Good luck to you!


  2. Hey Nicki,

    Grammar certainly is very important to become a good blogger, but did you know it actually will effect your rankings as well with search engines like Google.

    This is one of the easiest things to correct and most commonly over looked aspects when trying to get your content ranked well with Google.

    This isn’t me talking, but advice from former head of the web spam team at Google’s Matt Cutts.

    Great advice and people who struggle with proper grammar, or those who write in a second language, should look into Grammarly.


    • Thanks, Todd! I wasn’t aware that poor grammar could affect your ranking. Good to know!:)


  3. Hi, I really enjoyed your article. As a blogger with my own niche website, I find myself constantly reading and re-reading my posts to spot any errors. I don’t think my interest can be sustained if a post contains too many writing mistakes. This is where Grammarly would come in handy. Kinda like an assistant to help me proof read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • That’s exactly right, Yvonne! My editing time takess minutes now instead of hours. Grammarly is a huge help.


  4. I am using Grammarly now. It is awesome. I will tell you every single mistake in your post, highlighting all those supposed to be capitalized “I” and give you suggestion to amend. I have never tried such great writing tool before. It really worth to try. Yes, The review written with bad grammar or difficult to understand will really stop me from continue reading, let alone buying it.

  5. Hi Nicki, Loved your post. sounds like a really great writing tool. I really enjoyed your writing style. It was a pleasure to read. Your site is nice and clean with lots of white space. Grammarly sounds like what i have been looking for so will definitely give it a free test drive. some of the blogs I have read are difficult to follow and understand and I agree slang can be off putting. Thank you for sharing this information and I will let you know what I think of Grammarly.

  6. Hey Nicki!

    Your post is just amazing! I just started blogging and was getting nervous about my writing since I’m not a native English speaker. Your post really helped me discover Grammarly! I’m gonna review all my previous posts and see if I can fix any typos!
    Look forward to reading more posts from you!

  7. Love this! I have been blogging for a few years but most of that time it was just for me. A simple blog to write things about my kids, life, etc. Boring to other people lol. I never made it public. But now that I am blogging for “real life” the game changes!

    I am very interested in this product and will certainly check it out! I will let you know how it goes!

  8. While searching on the web, I’ve come across sites with absolutely atrocious English, and a lot of them just look like they don’t really have good content, and are covered in ads, which makes me want to click away from the site.

    I’ve not used Grammarly but I think I’ll check it out, to see how it works.

    • If the article is hard to read, people won’t stick around very long. Let me know how you like Grammarly!

  9. Hi Nicki,
    This is just what I needed. I’m struggling with my writing. I do love crafting and blogging about it is a slow process. However, I am willing to improve on doing it. I will definitely check out grammarly. Thank you for the information. It will really help me improve my writing.

  10. Hey Nicki,

    Well, I hope I was one of the “lonely” two! Although I don’t have a writing tool… So I doubt it! 🙂

    Like you I find it slightly shocking sometimes to see glaring errors whilst reading blogs.

    BUT, none of us are perfect, so a good writing tool could be a tremendous asset to bloggers like myself.

    Do you have a tool for page structuring? I think I find that more irritating when I see that. Come on people, I don’t want to read an ugly looking blog post! lol!

    Cheers, Tony.

    • Grammarly instantly improves every writer. That’s why I love it!

      I don’t currently use a tool for structure, but haven’t had a need yet:)

  11. Yo Nicki 😛

    I’m not sure I’ll giggle with excitement… like a school girl BUT I will surely give Grammarly a try! Thanks for introducing me to this tool. I didn’t know it even existed!

    I loved your article, it was fun to read and I enjoyed your recommendation.

    Much Success (yeah, I did use two capital letters here!! :P),

    • Thanks, Louie! Let me know what you think of Grammarly, and definitely let me know when your next article drops!

  12. I have not used Grammarly, but it sounds like it may be a tool worth checking out. How long is the free trial? What is the cost to upgrade? What sorts of things does it help with? Sentence structure?

    I have tested my articles on a grammar checker before, it was a free one, I can’t remember the name, but it gave you a “grade” based on your spelling, vocabulary and use of words.

    • Hi, Andrea-
      Grammarly is wonderful! I’m a very experienced writer, but I still make mistakes. Grammarly catches ‘everyone’ of them! <-- I intentionally left it that way:) Grammarly is telling me that it should be 'every one'. It will also tell you if you have included a plural noun when it should be singular, you put a comma where it doesn't belong, you need a comma, spelling, missing an article, wrong word usage, etc. I have found that by using it, I've cut down DRASTICALLY on editing time. The upgrade is only $139.95 per YEAR. Very reasonable when you write for a living. Try the free version and see what Grammarly can do for you! -Nicki

      • Can the payments to Grammarly be made monthly ? I have used the free version and found it to be extremely helpful.

        • Hi, Bernadine-
          Yes, they have a monthly payment plan. Grammarly is the greatest!:)
          Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hello NIcki!

    I use the wordpress grammar check that appear as you are editing the article before you publish it. It happens that I miss some words to correct but not that often. Well, It`s free so it does not hurt to try. Thanks for the tip!


  14. Nicki, I read about Grammarly, but have not used it. I downloaded the free version of Ginger. English is not my first language and sometimes it is challenging to express in English what I am thinking in Spanish.
    Anyway, thank you for the advice. Warm Regards,

    • Hi, Martha-
      I’ve not heard of ginger. Your English is quite good:) Grammarly may be of benefit to you since English is your second language. It lets you know if you used a singular of a word when there should be a plural, added punctuation where it doesn’t belong, spelling and use… Fantastic program for anyone that struggles even a bit with proper English.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Though writing tools are great, bloggers should put more focus into speaking their minds, rather than turning their posts into what Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affilaite calls an “English essay”. It’s not to say people shouldn’t double check for grammar errors, as long as it connects to the majority of the world in a way that they can understand, it’s good.

    • You are correct that it shouldn’t be written like an English essay. In the blogging world, you should break up your paragraphs and add images when you can.

      If you read the comments that follow many news stories and online magazine articles, you will see MANY people complaining about the poor spelling or grammar. It’s hard to take an author or site seriously when they can’t even do a simple edit of their work.

      I’m also an advocate of breaking a writing rule or two so that your audience does hear YOU:)


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