How do you get started in affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing isn’t new, so it’s a good bet that you’ve heard about it a time or two.   But, how do you get started in affiliate marketing?  There are many choices to make when it comes to affiliate marketing.  If you are this far along in your research, you probably have a blog or are ready to start a blog.  Either way, you want to know more about the money side…

I’m glad you found me.  My name is Nicki, and I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned.

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how do you get started in affiliate marketing

how do you get started in affiliate marketing? Glad you asked! all the information and resources you need are right here!

Ok, now…  let’s get down to business.  

Affiliate marketing is pretty simple.  You sign up with companies that pay you to advertise, refer new customers, or sell their products.  Some companies are a virtual cakewalk to sign up for while others… you have to jump through hoops.  There are also a few that ask you to jump through hoops then after you successfully complete the hoop jumping, they light the hoop on fire and ask you to jump some more.  I avoid those…  unless their product is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread.

Now, the two most successful ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing are either blogging on your own website, or using social media.  I like to combine the two.

So you started a blog (or are about to).  Let’s say that you LOVE technology for the home.  You are super passionate about home theater systems and surround sound.  You believe that the only way to watch a movie is to FEEL it too.  It would make excellent business sense for you to review home theater and surround sound systems on your blog.  Now, you could contact each individual brand on your own… it would take some time, and many don’t even have affiliate programs.  It DOES make sense to try to become a direct affiliate when possible.


How do you find out if the company you love has an affiliate program?  Lucky for you, it’s as easy as visiting their website.  You occasionally will find ‘become an affiliate’ somewhere in the top menu, but most websites tend to tuck that away at the very bottom of their website, usually in the footer.  Just click on the affiliate link and follow the directions.

The easiest way to become an affiliate and start making money is through AMAZON.  Amazon has practically every brand that a home theater/surround sound reviewer would ever need.  It’s super simple to become an Amazon affiliate and you can begin placing your affiliate links immediately.  Here’s a fantastic example of an Amazon link:

There is a pretty good reason to become a direct affiliate with the brands you love, when possible, and that’s the Free product review.  If you are an excellent reviewer, contacting the company directly can often result in receiving their latest model in exchange for a review.  There are some bloggers that have made a full-time career of product reviews.  If the company doesn’t offer an affiliate program, you can use your review to send people to that exact product at Amazon.

To maximize your money making potential as an affiliate, you publish new content to your site regularly.  There is much discussion on what REGULARLY means… I see many successful blogs that post an average of 3 new pieces of content per week.  Some do more, some do less.  You will post much more frequently at first so you can QUICKLY populate your site.

The general blogging population tends to agree that you should have at least 10 articles posted before sending traffic to your blog/site.  The reason for this is so that a visitor doesn’t leave after a quick glance.  The more quality content you have, the longer the visitor is likely to stay.  Content does NOT have to be all written articles.  It can also be in the form of videos, which are hugely popular.

One you’ve published enough content to your site, you’re ready for visitors!  You’ve used SEO to the max and now you’re sharing the content on social media like Pinterest, facebook and twitter.  If you’re new to social media, check out my articles on growing your Pinterest account.  Pinterest has the highest conversion rates of all social media.

Grow your Pinterest following fast

Pinterest for Bloggers

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1) You need a blog or website.  You can get started HERE for FREE!

2) You need a domain name.  Namecheap is awesome, inexpensive and includes whois guard.

3) You need to start making original content for your site.

4) You need to learn the art of SEO.  You can start your blog, get free website hosting, and FREE business training to get you ranked quickly HERE.

5) You need to start getting your affiliate marketing set up.  For more in depth Affiliate Marketing information please read the articles, Introduction to Affiliate marketing P1 and Introduction to Affiliate marketing P2.  They have MANY affiliate company links to use and sign up for, along with a wealth of information for those ready to make money.

6) You need the desire to start, build and run an internet business.  Blogging, owning a website, and affiliate marketing all go hand in hand and require a fair amount of time and effort on your part to succeed.  Just like starting ANY type of business from scratch, it requires work to be performed.  All start-ups run faster and more efficiently with a support system.  This is the number 1 reason that I tell people to start HERE.  Get everything you need to succeed in one place, and all FREE to get started.


For more information about Blogging, building websites, affiliate marketing and making money online visit Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for a free account today.  You know you’re ready to start building your money making empire.  Don’t wait another day.   Your future is waiting for you HERE.

Questions? contact me!  Nicki@licensetoblog.com

Or comment below:)

Best wishes!



  1. Hey Nicki,
    Great guide you have here, Affiliate Marketing is a really simple way and earning money on the internet. When I first started my blog, ego stops me from selling someone else’s products so I opted to create my own instead.

    Turned out creating your own product is very hard as you need a lot of money to start with, you need to hire designers, you need to build your brand visibility, you need to create a compelling sales page, and loads more. I wasted 6 months trying to finish writing but it didn’t sell as I didn’t do much marketing so I decided to go for affiliate marketing instead and managed to get commissions instantly.

    Affiliate marketing is the way to go and you article has a great guide thanks for sharing this!

    • Affiliate marketing really IS the way to go:) Creating your own product is great too… but as you found out, it requires a lot of time invested. Affiliate marketing is like a plug and play program for earning money:)

  2. I just across this article and I thought that U would leave a few of my thoughts…
    Let Me say that you have a refreshing site that is absolutely FULL of useful information. Thanks for taking the time to offer all of this info fro free!
    I will also add that I have bookmarked this site and I will return often.

    Overall, good job. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Absolutely love the flow of your website. Your writing style is fun and energetic. Your articles are very easy to read and understand. I really like how you let your readers know exactly what tools they would need to get started and they don’t have to sign up for something to find out. Thanks for the tip about Pro Writing Aid this was missing from my toolkit. I look forward to visiting again!

  4. Nicki, I was searching online for information on how to write a better blog when I came across your website.
    I have been blogging for years. Well sort of, after reading your article, realized I have a lot to learn.

    I am retired and have a great idea I would like to market, and I always wanted to start my own internet marketing business, but I have no experience and I’m on a fixed income.
    I followed your link to Wealthy Affiliate home page and went through all the pages. I’m very skeptical so I like to do a lot of research.
    I like that I could try it out for 7 days free. That they offer so much training for someone like me who has zero knowledge. That they have 24-7 Live Chat with other members there to answer questions. Plus I get 2 Free websites.
    I was so impressed, I signed up for my trial membership, and I didn’t even have to pull out my credit card.
    I will be checking back in a week to give you my progress update.
    Thank you so much. I am glad I ran across your website.

  5. I absolutely love your description of applying for certain affiliate marketing companies. That was my experience trying to apply to use the eBay affiliate marketing program! It was a nightmare!

    I learned something about social media from this article, I wasn’t aware that Pinterest was the highest converting social media platform. That makes sense though since it is mostly pictures and many of us are more visual nowadays.

    Excellent article on how to get started in affiliate marketing! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Jess!

      I try really hard to give accurate descriptions of the way things work:) It seems that everywhere you look, someone is saying to start a blog, it’s so easy to make money… But there’s so much more to it than just writing articles and hoping people find you.

  6. Being an affiliate marketer is a very simple process, but it’s far from being easy.
    Create great stuff, market it to people, and over time you will start getting results.
    It isn’t a magic formula, but it works better than what most people would expect.
    The greatest trial in my opinion is the mental one, working so hard and so much for no actual results for the a long period of time.

    • So true! You work hours that turn into days that turn into weeks… BUT- if you stay with it and keep working at it, it does pay off!

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