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Hello Writers, Bloggers, Website owners and Affiliate marketers!  How do I know you fall into one of these categories?  Because you’re reading an article about growing your Pinterest following.  Many Bloggers are reporting that Pinterest is their best traffic supplier.  It makes perfect sense that any business would want to build a strong Pinterest following.  My Pinterest account is still just an infant, but I’m employing a couple of tactics that are growing it pretty quickly.

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About a month ago, my Pinterest account had 60 little followers.   I started reading everything I could find about growing your Pinterest account.  I read so much that I had to make a private board called, “growing Pinterest”. ( It’s now a public board, and you are more than welcome to go read it all or save them for later.)   I always think it’s best to read several different articles by different Bloggers so you can see what works for more than one person.

Ok, so.. I’m now almost a month into growing my following and I’m just over 1.9k!  You may think that isn’t much, but growth is snowballing.  Even on days that I run out of time and don’t pin or do anything at all, I’m still gaining followers!  I’m not even using all the growth tactics I’ve learned about!

So how am I doing it?

First, keep in mind that my Pinterest account is small.  This advice is working for me, and I’ve only been applying it for a few days.  The first few weeks into this journey I only read what to do.  Now I’m workin’ it!  If you have a ginormous amount of followers, CONGRATS!  You should probably go research what to do next with your account since you’re way ahead of me:)

OK, now down to business.

Pinterest Boards.  You need at least 10 different boards that people search regularly.  Fashion, Home decor, beauty, quotes, blogging, writing, vaping, etc. are ALL popular boards to have.  AND!  You need to populate them!  Do not make a board public until it has 10-20 pins on it.  Otherwise, people will look at you and PASS on following because you have NOTHING TO OFFER them.

Pinterest users crave CONTENT for populating their boards.  So give it to them.  Figure out what’s popular and pin it!  Your own personal content pins should be interspersed throughout your other pins.  In other words, don’t just peddle your wares.

You need to pin a little in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I pin about 10-20 in the morning and evening, around 9-10 at night.  See, I need to work on that!  There’s always room for improvement.  I see other Bloggers recommending different automated pin schedulers and I feel I need to warn you.  There is only 1 pin scheduler that is approved by Pinterest.  All others can slow your account growth or worse, get you locked out of your account.  As in FROZEN.  No Pinterest for you.  Do your homework.

Seriously, it doesn’t take that long to get the pins done.  I say Forget the automated stuff for now and just pin.  You just might learn something:)

Now, if you want to grow your followers by 100-200 per day, you need to do the following:

First, you need to follow back every single user that follows you.  I do this.  It just keeps your followers happy.  Forgetting to follow back will result in some followers dropping you.  I go into my ‘followers’ every week and follow all the new people in return.

Now for the good stuff.

Pinterest lets you follow about 2-300 new users per day.  If you go into Pinterest and follow all that you can (Pinterest will block you from following anymore once you hit the max amount)  the majority of them will follow you back.  You could grow by 2-300 per day!  I just started doing this and it works!  If you go into my Pinterest account, you’ll see that I’m following 2500 and have 1900 following.  I have done the mass following for 3 days now.  Give them a few days to follow you back.

Now, there are those in the pinterest universe that tell you to go into your account every week or so and unfollow any that didn’t follow you back.  I have not done this yet.  My plan is to build my following over the 10k mark then just pin regularly everyday to keep it growing.  As fast as I’m gaining followers, this won’t take long to accomplish.

There is also a lot of talk on pinterest about deleting pins that don’t get any (or many) repins.  I have NOT tried this tactic yet, but will probably try it later since I do have loads of pins.  I highly recommend the regular pinning and mass following to get started.  It’s working, and you need that account bigger… drive that traffic!

Any questions?  Feel free to ask!  Stay tuned for updates, and hit me up at nicki@licenstoblog.com.



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Nicole Deskins


  1. This is fabulous advice. I didn’t realize it was so easy to gain followers on Pinterest like that…

    I have actually been having a difficult time gaining followers, because I haven’t ever been taught in depth about it, but here you were pretty cut and dry about it. I like it, thank you!

    ~ Chris

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