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get started on pinterest. from noob to pro in 30 minutes. part 1

get started on pinterest. from noob to pro in 30 minutes. part 1

Good Saturday morning to You!

Today I want to talk about how to get started on Pinterest.

I know you’ve read my other Pinterest post because you all blew up my email with, “that’s great Nicki, but I don’t have a Pinterest yet”, or “I don’t know what boards to make” and “Pinterest confuses me.. Help”.

So… Since you asked!  I’m gonna do my best to back it up and slow it down to help you prepare your Pinterest account for growth.

Let’s start with the basics.  Your profile.  First, who are you? Put it in there, but make it short and sweet.  Upload a photo.  Loads of people Avoid following someone without a profile pic.  It’s like, who’s that creepy stalker type anyway?  You don’t wanna be the creepy stalker type.  So, put up a pic.  Any pic…

My pinterest account is by no means perfect, but I do have some very popular boards, get loads of repins, and acquire new followers daily.  I’ve not been on Pinterest long, so anyone can do what I’m doing!  I hate to say this, but had I listened to my daughter, I’d probably have a million followers now.  She tried to get me on Pinterest at its beginning…

Let’s move on to your boards.  You want at LEAST 10 different boards.  Popular boards on Pinterest include, but are not limited to… Fashion, food, blogging, making money online (my board is called show me the $$) for the home, DIY arts or crafts, how to, just to name a few.

You will also want to make sure to make a board that your niche (niches) fall into.  Go make your boards now.  Unless you have at a minimum of 10-20 pins on your board, set it to private (secret).  Once it’s populated with over 10 pins, make it public.  You can use the Pinterest search function to find pins for your boards.

I can simplify this for you further by inviting you to follow me.  Visit my Pinterest account HERE.

Now you can see my boards, and you can use them to populate your own boards.  If you have say, a vaping board… Go into my ‘World of vaping’ and just start pinning away.  Same goes for any of my boards that we have in common.

Once you have at least 10 boards populated, you are ready for growth!  If you leave a comment below, with your Pinterest addy, I will visit and follow you and give you a brief critique if needed:)

At this point, you should be ready for my growth article.

Grow your Pinterest acount

While you’re at it, check out my ‘How to’ for making money on Pinterest.

Make money on Pinterest

If you need help, comment below!  I am happy to assist you!



p.s. Just a word about naming your boards…

Many people recommend skipping the fun board names and keeping it simple.  I have ignored that advice only a few times, but with good success.  Most of my boards are named to-the-point.  The few I had fun with have succeeded:)  Just keep it to a minimum.





  1. Thank you for breaking it down into simple, easy to follow, steps for us newbies! This is a great article with terrific advice!

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