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get paid to write

Get paid to write

We’ve touched on a few different ways that writers can make money online.  More and more people are looking for ways to either supplement their income by writing from home or making it their full-time job.  I started writing online a long time ago when everyone started using the internet to make the whole process go faster.  Much has changed since I first began freelance writing.

It used to take months to get accepted as a new writer for a company.  Today, I can make an account, send a writing sample, and have an assignment in my email in minutes.  I freaking LOVE technology.  It doesn’t matter if you are short on experience.  There is work available for writers of all levels!

It’s no secret that my favorite way to get paid to write is by blogging.

Blogging is BY FAR, my favorite way to get paid to write.  Who doesn’t like being the boss?  You have loads more control over what you get to write about, you set your deadlines, and most importantly- you can set your pay, too.  I know what you’re thinking…  SIGN ME UP!  But, before you start counting your blogging money, you need to understand that it can take MONTHS before you see any return for your work.

With blogging, you can show your versatility as a writer.  You can choose topics that you’re passionate about and really showcase your chops.  On the upside, you always have writing samples at the ready, and the list of pros for blogging is long…  But, the downside of blogging is one that is hard for many to handle.  On average, it takes six months to start earning money, while a year or more is often reported before earning a full-time income.  That time frame is the reason that so many bloggers give up and quit before they ever see any kind of return.

If I haven’t scared you away from blogging, I do have some pointers.

Start small and inexpensive.

You have to be in it for the long-haul.

Begin with the intention to post once or twice a week and grow from there.

Share your blog with everyone.

Look at it like a business from day one and stay committed.

You never know when it will take off, just push through.

Take full advantage of your blog by using affiliate marketing, even if you only blog to have an online portfolio.

Read more on blogging here-

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So, if you’re ready to get paid to write- Here are 7 sites looking for writers.


Beginners-  The quickest way to start writing for pay is with content mills.  I have written for several content mills to fill the space between jobs.  Some of them want you to write any topic while other sites ask you for your areas of expertise and send work in only those areas.  The secret to making money with content mills is to research and write quickly.  You will get better at this over time.  The best way to improve is to just jump in and start writing.

*Licensetoblog.com does use affiliate links when applicable, at no cost to you.

Zemandi   When you click that link to sign up, you’ll notice the first thing they ask for is your invitation code.  Type in 14524 and then finish signing up.  You’ll write a quick sample, they’ll grade your work, and as long as you score a 3-5 you can start taking assignments.  If you write often, they will move you up the pay scale as you improve.  They have plenty of work to keep you busy and you have an assignment in your inbox within minutes of requesting one.

Starting at a level 3 is the bottom of the pay scale.  I tell my students to look at it like a probation period.  If you write for them often, you will move up the ranks.  The higher your score, the better the pay AND the better the assignment too.

For some helpful information on content writing, read How to write content for blogs.

Fiverr  This is a great place for writers of all levels.  You place a ‘gig’ on Fiverr advertising what you are willing to write for 5 bucks (minus their fees) and the work comes to you.  The trick to fiverr is just getting some work experience under your belt and building relationships with those that hire you.  You can sell almost any service you can think of for $5.00 (hence the name FIVErr).  I look at it as more of a way to fill the gaps in between gigs than a steady way to earn money.  Fiverr is an entertaining way to make some extra cash.

You aren’t likely to earn a full-time income here, but you may be able to make some extra cash and network to build a client base.

Textbroker  Textbroker pays per word and is far more involved than Zemandi to get started.  My experience is limited as I’ve not been with them long.  (I don’t write often for content sites and always try them myself before referring others) I did look up their reviews and found plenty of bad, (which you will find on content sites) but I also found a few solid writers that are very involved (they don’t just write articles, they work on group projects through textbroker) that say it’s possible to earn a $500/week income.  The more successful writers on textbroker suggest that you become familiar with the AP style of writing (if you aren’t already) and you will do fine.

I would suggest Textbroker for those with experience.  If you aren’t a confident writer, start on Zemandi first.  As with any content site, you need to prove yourself and work your way up.

Problogger  Problogger has a lot of resources for bloggers and writers.  I linked to the job board, so just scroll through and apply to those that interest you.  New work is added regularly, so come back daily.

There’s an assortment of writing jobs listed… most are for more experienced writers, but you won’t improve unless you write.

Cracked  This a fun website to read ( I visit often).  You need to be a funny or creative writer to get accepted to write for them.  Just check out some of their articles and you’ll see what I mean.  Cracked gets a lot of traffic and writing for them could bring some serious exposure.

About  This site likes you to pick an area(s) of expertise and write on that topic often.  The site is based on giving expert advice on almost every topic imaginable.  There are always jobs available, check frequently if your area of expertise isn’t available.

Freelancewriting  This site has LOADS of information for writers, from beginners to expert level!  They have resources, how-tos, recommendations and a large job board.  They scour the internet to find all of the writing jobs for you.  This site is a VALUABLE resource!  There are job listings for every type of writer.  This site will be your go-to stop for everything writing.

Go check out these different writing sites and start getting paid!  If you are a newer writer, read my post, How to Become a better writer NOW.  You’ll get some valuable advice to help you improve and start getting paid.

If you are an absolute beginner in the world of writing for pay, you MUST read- How to write content for blogs.




  1. This is wonderful advice! You have given so many choices for every level of writer! Even though I have never thought of writing for a living, you have given me food for thought. Thanks for this site….I will revisit once I get some other priorities sorted out…..

    • Thanks for the kind words! Writing online is one of the quickest ways to start making an income from home. I have lots of resources available for anyone that wants to get started:)

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