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Jewelry Fitness tracker/smart ring

Looking for the best jewelry fitness tracker out there?  You’ve found it!  Smart jewelry doesn’t have to be plain and boring.

Do you love fitness trackers but hate their plain ‘sporty’ appearance?  That’s exactly why I haven’t purchased one.  I can use my phone and get most of the fitness tracker benefits without wearing some ugly plastic watch.

I consider purchasing one every time I see an ad.  Mostly, I consider the purchase so I don’t HAVE to keep my phone on me at all times.  I am extremely picky about wearing jewelry and just can’t bring myself to spend money for something that reminds me of the plastic watch movement of the ’80’s.

I would wear it while walking/running- but what about the rest of the time?  I’m sorry, it just looks tacky with anything besides workout

This is the smart ring/fitness tracker I’ve always wanted!

attire.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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What if you could have a fitness tracker that looked like killer jewelry?  And, what if you could choose a RING or BRACELET instead of a plain watch type?  What if your fitness tracker looked like something you could wear while in the office or out for dinner?  I bet all of you picky ladies (like me) would want one!

Beautiful Jewelry, Serious Technology

Well, guess what?  I found a company that makes an awesomely cool jewelry fitness tracker!  Finally, smart technology in a stylish piece of jewelry!

They have rings, bracelets, AND accessories!  A beautiful jewelry fitness tracker with smart technology that can count your steps, set goals, notify you of calls AND its WATER RESISTANT too!

Im a very active person.  Even so, I’d like to track my progress and see how I compare in activity, day by day.  I’ve used different programs on my phone and currently use an app that just tracks my steps.  There are so many down sides to this… You have to keep your phone on you or you don’t get an accurate number.

I have shopped the wearable tech for a while now and just can’t get myself to buy something that I know I won’t wear much.  On top of that, I don’t care much for watches or bracelets.  But, I do LOVE rings! Now, I can just wear my favorite new ring and track my fitness and calls!  No more lugging my phone around!

Seeing is believing, so…   Ready to check it out AND get a discount? Visit HERE to pick out your new fitness tracker and favorite piece of jewelry!

Go shop for your new tech and be sure to leave a comment!  I can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen:)


Licensetoblog.com uses affiliate links and advertising bonuses when possible.  This just means that licensetoblog.com earns a commission or bonus when you use the links provided.  You are not charged extra for using these links.


  1. Fitness tracker jewelry sounds pretty interesting. Like you I really see no purpose in wearing a fitness tracker unless I’m doing physical exercise. I remember the calorie counters of long time ago, They were removed as soon as the activity was, same goes for the fitness tracker. Now a ring I would be more inclined to wear as it looks great and less tacky.

    • My thoughts exactly! The jewelry is stylish in itself, so it’s just a huge bonus that it’s also a fitness tracker!

  2. Hi Nicki, thanks for sharing about the smart bracelet and ring that can use as fitness tracker at the same time. I believe it will gain a lot of women’s attention due to the convenience of wearing it and its elegant design. The price is quite affordable and I believe those who wore it will imagine themselves as one of the James Bond’s ladies who utilizes high tech stuff. May I know the warranty of the bracelet and ring?

    • It is pretty chic:) I can’t find a specific warranty on their site, but they have tons of public comments praising them for replacing and fixing issues. They just came out with a new line that resolves a common problem from their previous line. They are a real stand-up company.

  3. Wow, this does look like a real jewel.

    Who would’ve thought that it can actually be your best friend when it comes to tracking your fitness progress. Can you go underwater with this thing? Would be cool if you could.

    And what about a product guarantee? It would be cool if there is any.

    • Hi Simon,

      They just released the new spring line, too! Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, they are water RESISTANT and come with a 1 year warranty! They also make great gifts;)


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