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You don’t need to be a Company, business or group to get your coolest printing ever, done through Customink.  They custom print from just one item and up.    To learn more about Custom printing with Customink please read on.

Today I’d like to talk about the enjoyable side of advertising.  We all need to advertise.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a small Blogger or a giant corporation.  We ALL put time and effort into our advertising strategy.  For some, we just utilize our personal and social networks, while others launch huge advertising campaigns.  Whatever your preference, printed goods are a great choice!

Some companies have pens with their names on them, for others it’s T-shirts.  Whatever you fancy, they print on it!  check out Customink to see their huge catalog of products!  While you’re there, check out the awesome design lab.  Upload your images, company logos, or design from scratch!  The design lab was my second stop after reading the Customink About page.  Talk about Super-FUN!

I was scrolling through ShareASale a few days ago (I love browsing for new companies to become affiliated) and found Customink.com.  I signed up immediately and crossed my fingers that I would get accepted.  Lucky for me, they said YES:)!  (So now you know… I have affiliate links in this post!  In case you don’t know the drill, I make a small commission if you click through my link.  It costs you nothing extra to order through my link:)

I went to their website to begin my research process.  I LOVE research.  It’s the scientist in me (and a mad one at that:)  Let me just tell you a bit about Customink…

It’s a heartwarming start.  The co-founders were college classmates (two of the 3 were roomies).  The company had humble beginnings but attracted like-minded people right away.  They all seemed to have HEART for what they were doing.  Heart, must have been the special ingredient… they continue to grow with even higher customer satisfaction than ever!

If you read their ABOUT page, you get a feeling that this isn’t your average company.  They are absolutely adorable.  Holding yearly ‘inkademy awards” for outstanding individuals that best demonstrate their core values.  What are their core values?  Golden Rule, Ownership, and Innovation.  They have an entire page of happy employees that brag about the Company.  There aren’t many companies with that kind of happiness level!

What can you do with the Customink design lab?  This is what you start with once you click the design lab.


It takes just a few minutes to find your way around.  You can change the t-shirt color, add graphics, your own photos or logos, and text.  Let’s see how fast we can design something fun.  I totally want a company Tee for my blog!  I don’t have a design or logo or anything, so let’s see what we can do…


This was fun to create and only took a few minutes!  Now that you’ve designed your shirt, you can hit the ‘get price’ button to see what it’ll cost.  They have several items available to purchase one at a time while other items require a small minimum quantity.  (I clicked on sweatshirts with this logo to find that it’s a minimum of 6)  The t-shirt can be purchased one at a time.  Once you are done, you can save it and they will send you an email with your design in inside!

Did I mention that I love the Tee I designed?  When I finished and clicked ‘get price’, I seriously yelled…


Quality printing at an affordable price. Sign me up!

I really enjoyed the design lab experience.  I even went back and designed more items!


Things are starting to get serious now.


Customink.com is a fun and easy way to create products for business, groups, teams, class, work buddies and especially for yourself!  They also have a great feature for those ordering for a group that doesn’t want to deal with collecting money.  One person can place the order and everyone can just go to CustomInk to pay for each of their products!  They cater to you!

Customink.com is also the perfect place for your next fundraiser.  They really do have something for everyone.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Go to CustomInk now and see what you can create!


Customize Your Design With CustomInk’s Design Lab


  1. Hi Nikki, great site and love your writing style, very zippy and familiar. I read your post on custom printing and will be sure to use this service through your site when I’m ready to print something.
    Do you realise that on mobile devices (mine anyway) it’s not possible to comment on a specific post? It actually took me some time to find somewhere to comment at all. 🙂 just thought you might like to know.
    Deb 🙂

    • Hi Deb!
      Thanks for letting me know about the mobile issue! I hadn’t checked that yet… I may have to play with themes again:( lol

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