Confessions of a sweepstakes junkie- The 1 year sweepstakes challenge

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the 1 year sweepstakes challenge

Confessions of a sweepstakes junkie

Have you ever wondered about those sweepstakes sites you see advertised?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably looked into a few… and maybe even signed up for one.

I was talking to my hubby the other day about starting to do the sweepstakes again.  I thought, “what if I commit a full year to it, only sweeping while I watch tv or have downtime”?  I could track how much time I spend on it, how many sweeps I enter daily- on average, and I could share my results.

always on laptop

I was getting bored with all the work involved

My husband was MORE than supportive.  You’re probably wondering why he would support something like that…  He typically is very supportive of my hobbies and activities, but that’s not why he’s supportive about sweepstakes.  You see, somewhere in the ballpark of 4-5 years ago, I ‘discovered’ sweepstakes sites.  You could say it was a big hit with the family.

I probably spent an hour or two every single day for about 4 months, just filling out sweepstakes entries online.  By the 5th month, I was getting burned out and had found new hobbies to fill that time.  I was still sweeping, but only about 2 hours per week.

By the 6th month, I hardly paid attention to the sweepstakes I had once loved so much.  Then, it happened.


Packages of prizes

The winnings from my first few enthusiastic months started showing up.  Yeah, evidently, if you spend an hour or so a day filling them out, eventually you win stuff.  For about 2 months straight, prizes came in the mail or were delivered to my doorstep.

It was such an exciting time!  Everyone tripped over themselves to get the mail.  The kids were always checking the doorsteps, and hubby sent texts from work to ask if we received anything cool that day.  It had become a family hobby… except I was the only one doing the work.  I could no longer do any of my 5 million other hobbies without someone asking, “have you done your sweeps today”?  It was losing its lustrous finish… It was starting to feel like a job.

By month 7, the prizes were no longer showing up regularly.  I started sweeping again, a minimum of ten entries per day.  It was laborious, totally not the fun hobby it once was.   Now, the pressure was on to win.  Needless to say, I was pretty much done with this hobby by now and I just quietly stopped doing it.  The prizes stopped coming and soon, nobody even mentioned sweeping.  Probably for the death stare they received from me anytime it was mentioned.

lap cat

I’ll just let the cat enter them for me.

I know you’re wondering what I could have won that was so awesome, right?  Well, the winnings started off with a bang.  A $100 visa gift card, then a $25 Target gift card.  An iPad video game dock (video games are a huge hit in our house) followed by more gift cards.  Lego sets (quickly claimed by my son), Frozen food and snacks, a years supply of soda, sneakers, workout clothes and health supplements.  Cleaning and laundry supplies to last a year or so…

I won cool techy items too, like motion sensor light switches so I can feel like a Jedi when I walk into my bathroom.  An iPod that was a great gift for one of my kids.  Free music and video downloads, credits for my iTunes account, and small hand-held video games.

There were a lot more winnings than that.  It’s just been a while and I gave so much of it away as gifts, or my husband and kids claimed it for themselves.  The 2 prizes that stick out the most in my mind (and are probably my favorite winnings) were a guitar and the entire Aveda line of products.

I received this huge box on my doorstep one day…  I was home alone, so I was able to open it all by myself.  Imagine how much fun it was to rummage through this box of goodies and find all these awesome beauty products!  I was an Aveda freak for about a year!

My second favorite prize was one of the last winnings I received.  An acoustic guitar signed by a very popular country band… I knew I wouldn’t be keeping that prize for myself.  I wasn’t a big country fan but there was no shortage of guitar players in our family.  Sure enough, it was claimed that day and I haven’t seen it since. 🙂

I learned a lot from those few months as a sweepstakes junkie.  I think I learned even more when I tried to revisit my lucky winning streak later that year. I have some advice for the new sweepstakes enthusiast…

You must spend time entering sweepstakes every single day.  You can win occasionally with less frequency, but if you want to win with some regularity- you have to commit to a schedule.

gizmo laptop

Gizmo and the laptop

The more you enter, the more you win.

Join a sweepstakes site and stick to it every single day.  Choose one that tracks your entries so you don’t waste time entering contests multiple times that only allow one entry.

To avoid burnout, try to do your sweeping while watching tv instead of setting aside valuable time.  It’s hard to stick to a rigorous sweeping schedule and it eventually feels like work when you do.

Don’t ‘pick and choose’ which sweepstakes to enter… enter every single sweeps on the page!  It increases your odds of winning.

Don’t forget to check your email daily.  I almost missed the email that said I won the guitar… that was a pretty awesome prize.  Don’t let a winning email slip through your fingers!

Get your ‘autofill’ settings right in your computer, iPad or tablet.  It makes entering much quicker.

Don’t stop or slow down on entries.  Commit to a full year before deciding to stick with it or quit.  I regret the fact that I came off my winning streak so quickly.

Come back here and keep me posted on your winnings!

The 1-year sweepstakes challenge.  I challenge YOU- to join me in a year of sweepstakes entries!  It doesn’t matter if you start the challenge months after I did… just commit to a year!  Let’s do this!

Have you ever spent some time as a sweepstakes junkie?  Did I cover all of the important tips for a noob?  I love hearing from you!  Are you joining me in the challenge?  Chime in the conversation below!  I love hearing about your experiences:)

That pretty much wraps up my past sweepstakes experience.  I started sweeping again on January 15, 2016.  I’m going to do my best to commit an entire year to daily sweepstakes entries… even if it’s just ten or so a day, I will, AT LEAST, enter that many.

Happy sweeping!


Days since I started sweeping- 6

Prizes received so far- 0

Average time spent daily- 30 minutes

1-10 level of enthusiasm for sweepstakes- 7




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