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Hello, my Lovelies! Are you still thinking about starting your own Blog?  Then join me on the Blog side of the ‘net!  We have cookies!!! I’ve been reading, researching and writing for quite some time now.  Not a day goes… Continue Reading




Hello, my lovelies! It’s that time of year again.  You know the one-  We all resolve to do something to improve our lives, better ourselves, move up at work, etc… That’s right.  It’s time to declare our intentions for improvement… Continue Reading


Why you should manage your online presence

why you should manage your online presence

Who benefits from an active social media plan? You. Managing and monitoring your online presence is not just for business owners.  It’s not just for students trying to get into the best University, either. A solid presence online is good… Continue Reading


The future of Blogging- A market trend forecast

the future of blogging

The future of blogging-  A market trend forecast It’s already changing and evolving into what it will eventually become Blogging isn’t new.  It’s just finally seeing it’s day in the spotlight.  For a long time, blogging was mostly a personal online… Continue Reading


A Small business success story – Proof that you can start a business online!

      Hello, my Lovelies! I’m so happy to bring you a guest post from Andrea, of The Best Organic Skin Care.  She built her traffic to almost 400 views a day!  She is PROOF that if you do… Continue Reading


Ready to learn how to make money online? Start Living your online dream!

how to make money online

Do you want to start living your online dream?  If you want to learn how to make money online, this is for you. What have you been waiting for? Making money online has quickly become the new American dream, except… Continue Reading


Please explain web hosting- which plan should I choose?

which plan should i choose

Hello, my lovelies! I received a pretty desperate email today from a young lady that is experiencing what I like to call, ‘research overload’.  She wants to start her own blog and has found more information than she can EVER… Continue Reading


How to write content for blogs

how to write content for blogs

Hello, my lovelies! I took a week off, but I’m back and motivated to get some serious writing tutorials done!  My husband surprised me with a December camping trip in Indiana!  (We have a very nice Travel trailer… it’s really… Continue Reading