the BEST essential oils company for direct sales (affiliate)

Looking for the best essential oil direct sales (affiliate) company?

The BEST direct sales company

Almost everyone tries direct sales at some point in their life.  Most of us come across an opportunity because someone that we know is doing it.  Sometimes we consider selling their product, sometimes we buy the product, and sometimes we’re just not that interested.

Why choose direct sales?

The reasons that people sign up to be involved can vary widely.  I know people that were out of work and found the opportunity appealing because it puts YOU in charge of your work life, your time, and your income.  I’ve also known people that started part time while still working a full-time job.  And, most recently, I’ve watched a few lady friends get started because they decided against leaving home after having a baby.

I have a different outlook than most.  Likely, it’s because I’ve been my own boss for a fair time now and I appreciate the high level of control that comes from selling a product on your own terms.

My own kids are grown and I’ve watched some of their friends get started in direct sales.  We all need to take a look at this with fresh eyes.

As a blogger, I am an affiliate with some pretty awesome companies.  This is how most bloggers make their incomes.  We like (or use) a product and write an article about it that includes a link to that product.  When one of our readers clicks that link and signs up or makes a purchase, we bloggers make a small commission.  The best way to get someone to click your link is if you legit like or use that product.  Trust me, it shows.

I think that direct sales should be approached in much the same fashion.

Do you want to work for yourself?

Instead of waiting for a direct sales opportunity to find you, why not go looking for one that fits you?  If you are a freak for makeup, you could quickly find several opportunities in the beauty field.  You’re a mechanic?  You could rep tools.

Maybe you’re a high school senior that’s contemplating what to do for money between now and college?  Direct sales can go with you to college and continue making you money while you get your degree.

Did you start at the bottom in your career of choice?  Direct sales can supplement your income while you climb the corporate ladder!

In many cases, people find themselves making a full-time income from direct sales.  Some people find it a bit scary to leave the time clock behind and be the boss- I find it freeing.  It’s really not that hard to take the leap when you understand that you just get up and go to work like anyone else.  The difference is that you get to choose where and when you work.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorites.


Best direct sales companies essential oils DoTerra

DoTerra is among the best direct sales companies

DoTerra essential oils offers a fabulous compensation plan and teaches you how to take control of your health and wellness.  The support system is amazing and it’s set up to allow you to grow your business either face-to-face in your area or completely online, anywhere in the world!

Unlike other direct sales companies, DoTerra enjoys a high retention of Wellness Advocates.  Meaning- most people who buy DoTerra, stay with DoTerra.  AND, those that make it their career (both part and full-time) are in it for the long haul.  According to the FACTSHEET, DoTerra enjoys a 68% retention rate.  Compared to the industry standard of a mere 10%, DoTerra is a Rock Star.

The essential oil industry has enjoyed exponential growth the past few years,  making it an exciting growth industry to join.  It’s still fairly ‘ground floor’!

I personally have used DoTerra products for over 2 years.  I LOVE their products.  But, it wasn’t until the past few months that I realized the potential and became a Wellness Advocate.

DoTerra makes it easy to get started

Join the DoTerra family for only $35.  Yep, we are among the least expensive of all direct sales to get started.  Your $35 gets you an enrollment kit and the ability to buy wholesale, recruit to build your business and qualify monthly for free products!  There is no monthly minimum for buying wholesale!

Are you a blogger or affiliate marketer?  Why not pay yourself better for your efforts?  Instead of a small percentage from affiliate marketing, you can sell your own products and build your business!  (Building your doTerra team online has never been easier!)

When I received my enrollment kit in the mail, I barely thumbed through it.  In fact, it sat on my bookshelf for 5 months before I took it down and started going through it.  I’d  been ordering online and using the website and facebook group to learn more and get the most from my oils.  But, it wasn’t until I started going through the enrollment kit that I realized what a goldmine that DoTerra really was.

I started to develop a plan.  I gained a few new retail customers and I started finding how easy it was to sign up new advocates.  I had been a member of the learning group on facebook and joined the business group as soon as I found out about it.  I have been a part of several different direct sales companies over the years and I have never found so many resources for growth.  The support system is beyond the best.

Whether you are interested in oils for you and your family or you want to make a business for yourself, DoTerra is the best choice!  Read more about the doTerra opportunity.

For you affiliate marketers out there, the revenue potential is AMAZING!

Contact me today so we can get you started on the road to wellness!  I love sharing my oils and experience.  I’m a hands-on team leader that will help you learn and grow.  I offer guidance, communication, an experienced upline, and a deep love for essential oils.  It doesn’t matter if you just want to learn about and try oils or make it your next big adventure- I’m here to help you make the most of it.






  1. Nicki,
    Ever since I “semi”-retired I’ve been experimenting with different ways to earn extra income, drop shipping, Amazon, and eBay, affiliate marketing, etc. One thing that I didn’t try was direct sales, due mostly to minimum order requirements and the fear of being stuck with a lot of product that I couldn’t sell. Your blog about doTerra essential oils caught my attention especially the fact that there is no minimum monthly order requirement. However, I do have some questions.
    Is there a minimum order requirement?
    Is this MLM – you mentioned recruiting your own team?
    Where does the product come from and are there significant shipping charges?

    • Hi Ed,

      If you are just looking to sell product and use it yourself, there is no minimum at all.  Building your team brings in a better commission for you and bumps you up in rank!  There are two different supply locations to ship from, depending on your location and the cost is very competitive.  Email me for more info!  I’d be happy to answer questions and help get you started. Nicki@licensetoblog.com


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