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I recently had the Atlas Profilax procedure at We Care Chiropractic.  The following information will explain what it is and how it helped me.

What is Atlas PROfilax?

The Atlas
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The Atlas is the vertebrae that carries the skull.  Its’ misalignment can cause a wide range of problems including pinched nerves, headaches, limited mobility and other places in your spine to twist.  Atlas PROfilax is a massage technique that focuses on the short muscles at the base of your skull.  This technique allows the muscles to relax and the Atlas to gently find its proper resting place.

When the Atlas is properly aligned, it becomes much easier to keep the rest of your spine in place.  Pinched nerves are finally allowed to heal, pain is relieved, and health is restored.  Many have reported surprising side effects like relief from heartburn, fibromyalgia. and TMJ.

Not everyone that would benefit from the Atlas PROfilax is in pain every day.  A misaligned Atlas can cut off the proper circulation of the spine-to-brain function, causing many other underlying symptoms.  For more information about the Atlas PROfilax, read the atlas facts and explore the information provided by Rene C. Schumperli, the developer of the Atlas PROfilax, HERE.

Why am I writing this?

My Background-

I have been seeing my Chiropractor, Dr. Wayne Hogenson, (We Care Chiropractic) since around 2002.  I have a phase 1 degeneration, arthritis, and bone spur in my neck.  Thanks to both Drs. Wayne and Matt, it hasn’t further progressed.

We Care Chiropractic Drs. Matt and Wayne

We Care Chiropractic
Drs. Matt and Wayne

I live with neck pain every single day.  It ranges from mild achiness to severe.  My back also goes out from between my shoulder blades down to my lower back.  Those places have refused to stay in place for a very long time despite my best efforts and exercise.

My pain elevated after a motorcycle accident and only grew worse with time.  I am very active and aside from regular walking, running (pain has prevented running for almost 2 months now) and exercise, I also perform the recommended back strengthening stretches and exercises.  I live in pain every day thanks to my neck issues.  Most of the time it is mild and manageable.

In late 2015, my pain would become intense and often unbearable for days at a time before adjustments could bring relief.  It was obvious that something new was creating this pain.  It started in my neck and radiated up into my jaw causing intense tooth pain that sent me crying to the dentist (nothing in the x-ray), pain radiating in and around my ear that sent me to see my Doctor for an assumed ear infection (there was no infection), and the hospital for a scan because the symptoms in my temple and head worried my Doc into thinking I had a brain hemorrhage or tumor…

Luckily, I had no tumor.  It was just my neck!

This year, to date, I have had bouts of serious pain that last days to weeks at a time.  It makes otherwise simple tasks overwhelming.

Finally, in late summer 2016, I was given some hope.

I had been in pain for the longest stretch yet, with no relief.  I was approaching month two of the kind of pain that disrupts your day and wakes you at night…

I knew that I couldn’t continue to live in this pain.  It was seriously ruining my otherwise beautiful life.

Laurie, a receptionist at We Care Chiropractic, noticed that my Atlas was needing constant adjustment.  This was the first time I had heard of the Atlas PROfilax procedure.  Right after she mentioned this to me, Dr. Matt gave me an adjustment and mentioned my atlas as well.  Dr. Matt spoke to me about the Atlas PROfilax and I went home to consume all the information I could find online.

Hello, Atlas PROfilax.

After a few weeks of research and trying to get in for a consult with Dr. Wayne, I was finally able to schedule an appointment that worked for both of us.

Upon arrival to your appointment, they check your posture and range of motion.  They ask questions about your health and pain levels and conduct a very thorough pre-procedure check.

I had the procedure at about 4:30 pm on Friday, October 7, 2016.

The procedure itself is very quick, taking only a few minutes… but it was a bit uncomfortable at times.

My range of motion was immediately improved.  The pain was almost completely gone and I even felt relief in other areas.

Before letting you leave, they check your range of motion and give you instructions for stretching, exercises, and what to expect.  I made my 3-week follow-up appt and went home.

What can you expect?

The procedure is performed in the office and requires ZERO down-time.

The following is a day-by-day journal of my experience with the Atlas PROfilax.

*I was not paid to write this, nor was I given a discount.  I researched this procedure and thought that it could help ease the years of pain that just kept getting worse.  I volunteered to write the kind of review that I look for when researching online.  If my experience helps just one person through the Atlas procedure, it was worth my time!

I just arrived home from my visit with Dr. Wayne Hogenson.  It has only been 30 minutes since I had the procedure…

The real test will be tonight.  The pain has been waking me in the middle of the night for weeks now and I have been running on exhaustion.

I cleaned house and vacuumed like normal that afternoon.  I began noticing my back muscles.  Not really pain, more like an echo of pain I had felt in those areas.  It was not an uncomfortable sensation.  It felt like there was heat on my muscles. and maybe a little pressure.

At 6:52 I was still pain-free. The muscles around my neck feel like they’re warmed from within.  Still not a pain sensation.  More like being conscious of them fully.

I did the stretch/exercises recommended at 8:30.  I can’t remember how often I’m supposed to do them… I was really excited to be pain-free during that part.

Saturday morning I woke to no pain.  It felt like I had gone to the gym on Friday though.  I was sore where the procedure was performed.  It was like I was fatigued in the neck area.  But I didn’t wake in pain like normal during the night AND I wasn’t in pain now… Huge improvement so far.

At about 9am Saturday morning, I was goofing around with my Rocket Dog and threw my lower back out.  It seriously slowed me down, but still no neck pain.  Still a bit sore, and I do experience occasion echo pains that are very mild in the old areas of pain, pre-procedure.  I should mention that in the past when my lower back goes out, I am down for 2-3 days.  The pain is so bad that I need help getting up and down…  The recommended lower back exercises eased the pain enough, this time, to allow me to go about my normal day.

Sunday morning I woke up after sleeping pretty good.  Hubby was an insomniac last night and his tossing and turning woke me a few times.  I have been really good about doing the neck exercises.  3 times today I did them.  I plan to do them again before bed.  I’ve also been doing my lower back moves so I stop hurting there.

Monday morning was pretty good.  I felt like I had slept pretty sound and wasn’t in pain.  Sleeping has some discomfort until I find a good pillow position.  I was very active with yard work, housekeeping and projects around the home for most of the day.  I did my neck stretches as well as lower backs moves.

I woke in pain at 1:00 am Tuesday.  It was not the intense pain I was used to experiencing.  I used the heating pad on my neck and went back to sleep.  I woke without pain at 6:45 am.  I went in for a regular adjustment so my lower back would heal faster.  My suspicions were correct about the echo aches in the old intense pain areas.  Very normal.

I am being very responsible about the neck stretches.  I’m feeling well enough in both problem areas to take my big dog for a walk!  We were able to walk a mile and a half without any problems!

Wednesday, I awoke from a pretty decent nights sleep.  The echo pains are lessening by the day and this morning, I can sit pretzel style in my computer chair again without back and neck pain!  It’s been MONTHS since I could sit in any position other than “perfect posture” due to the pinched nerve.

Thursday morning I woke from the best nights sleep I’ve had in, well, forever.  I don’t remember the last time I slept so good.  It’s been ages.  It’s now 5:32 pm and I’ve felt so good I almost forgot about my back and neck stretches.  The echo pains are almost completely gone.  I’ve been pain-free all day and even my lower back is in and feeling fantastic!

Friday and Saturday morning I woke up pain-free.  I did my neck stretches 3 times and had normal days.

Sunday I awoke to a pain-free body and a fantastic nights sleep.  I was on the floor doing my stretches at 9am when I was startled and jumped from my position.   I heard a POP in my neck and suddenly I was in pain again.  Luckily, it was not the radiating pain that had plagued me for weeks at a time, causing sleepless nights and miserable days.  It was manageable with ibuprofen.  I still did my exercises.

Monday I was still hurting, so I ran in to see Dr. Matt first thing in the morning.   3 different places in my neck had to be adjusted.  And, like normal for me, when my neck goes out it’s like a ripple effect, taking places all down my back out with it.  I had taken ibuprofen before my adjustment and was able to go about my day just fine with mild aches.   I still did my neck work…

Tuesday morning…  Thanks to my adjustment on Monday, I was back to sleeping all night and waking pain-free.  I have taken to sleeping on my back with no pillow.  It seems to be the best so far and believe me, I’ve tried every pillow.

Wednesday through Tuesday (a week without pain!) all went by with no real pain.  I slacked a bit on the exercises but still do them daily… at least once.  My 3-week follow-up is this coming Friday.   This will be the visit that checks my Atlas alignment.  I have very mild, very occasional discomfort in my jaw for short periods.  It goes away with the neck exercises.  I can’t wait to find out if this is normal.

I woke in pain Wednesday morning.  I did my neck exercises and took some ibuprofen.  My day was relatively pain-free, but I was concerned my years of misalignment were coming back to haunt me.  Laurie called to confirm my Friday appointment and I told her about my painful morning.  She arranged for Dr. Wayne to come in that evening (his day off no less!) and do the treatment again.

This time, I actually felt the source of the radiating pain when he worked on my right side.  It’s crazy how a pinched nerve at the base of your skull can cause so much trouble!

Again, I’m pain-free, aside from very minor, occasional echoes of pain in my jaw.  I made a follow-up appointment for three weeks from the procedure.

Three days after the second Atlas PROfilax…

I am now pain-free.  I’m not even experiencing echo pains.

It has now been just over a week since the 2nd try and life is quite beautiful.  I’m running again.  I even spent yesterday moving my cousin into her home.  I moved boxes, furniture, and even rearranged the living room furniture.  I felt like super girl.  I’m still pain-free today!

The Atlas PROfilax has given me relief from serious pain.

So far, it’s been nothing short of a miracle.  Before the Atlas PROfilax, I couldn’t hold my grandbaby without pain.  Now, I enjoy HOURS of playtime without pain!


It has been 2 weeks since my three week follow-up appointment (after the second treatment) and I’m still relatively pain-free!  Anytime I feel aches in my neck, I just do the stretches and feel instant relief.  I’m no longer a slave to a bottle of ibuprofen and Tylenol.

I would not hesitate to recommend this.

For more information about the Atlas PROfilax, click HERE.  For the frequently asked questions, click HERE.

Atlas PROfilax

The Atlas PROfilax helped me by relieving serious pain issues.  The stretches continue to help ease my daily pain from arthritis and bone spurs.  My pain and condition is only a small part of the issues that the PROfilax can help treat.  If you want to know more, call and schedule a consultation today at (574)269-2469.

-Nicki D



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