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The creation and content of this site are performed by Nicki D.  We welcome other voices and would love to feature your review, DIY, or challenge.


I’m Nicki D- one big walking, breathing experiment.

I’ve been a secret shopper for 15 years and a writer for almost 30 years.

Mostly, I’m a pretty normal lady.

Our kids are all adults and we’ve welcomed our first grand this year.

I don’t have a birthday every year like most people.  Instead, I achieve a new level.  This year, I achieved level 45…  Achieving each new level is greeted by a one-week celebration where you can bring me food and gifts.

You can say that I have mad skills.  No, really.  You can say that.

I’m proud to be a geek.  

I love research and figuring out how things work.

I love old school arcade games.  Especially Atari… I. LOVE. Atari.

I’m a closet techie.  Mostly so I don’t spend my days working on everyone else’s computer.

I HEART the eighties, and all things Star Wars.  I’m often guilty of answering questions with movie quotes.

Science fiction is a way of life.  My husband does not share this school of thought and often pretends to confuse Star Wars and Star Trek…  It’s often entertaining.

I have a thing for Zombie movies.  I’ve seen them all.  I especially love Zombie comedy.  Dead Heads is hilarious.

I love experiments.  My kitchen is a Lab, and the center hub in our home.  You will often find me writing theory and outlining how to prove it.  I’m my favorite test subject.  Currently, I’m in the middle of an 8 week “light therapy” experiment, where I track my use and results in acne and anti-aging therapies.  The last experiment I finished was a huge success in neck, back, and nerve pain.  You can read that experiment HERE.

Whether you’re looking for reviews or have a product or service in need of a review, I look forward to hearing from you!

Nicki D


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