A Small business success story – Proof that you can start a business online!


a small business success story



Hello, my Lovelies!

I’m so happy to bring you a guest post from Andrea, of The Best Organic Skin Care.  She built her traffic to almost 400 views a day!  She is PROOF that if you do your homework and put it in action, your online dreams can become reality!  Show her some love by visiting thebestorganicskincare.com.



the best organic skincareMy name is Andrea and I am going to tell you about my blogging journey. In 2013 I listened to a podcast that changed my life, it was by a man named Elliot Hulse. He was saying that offering people something you love was the best way to make an income and escape the rat race.


This sentiment rang true to me, it seemed so obvious, offer something you love as a service and people will pay you for it. So I decided I was going to make a coloring book for pregnant women.
I have always loved drawing, pregnancy, and mothers, so this seemed like a good start to an online income. I had seen other’s who were selling coloring pages online so I figured I could sell a coloring book (this was before the whole coloring book craze). book-cover-348x464
I got to work.  Every single day I worked on this project, it was my purpose, my life blood. I knew that it would take some time to finish, so I just kept working. I loved having something to focus on every day. After 9 months, I finished my first coloring book. My whole plan was to start my business without putting in any money, just time.
I started selling my coloring book on payhip.com (an online digital book seller that takes a small fee for every book you sell). I promoted my work only by word of mouth through Facebook and started making sales. I had a free blog on WordPress which I wrote on and talked about my coloring book.
Over time, I did pay for someone to build me a very nice website, where I could sell my own book and I made another coloring book. As my new website was being built, I was talking to my sister on the phone a lot about creating an online income.
I told her that we should start an affiliate website (I had been reading a lot of books and listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast). I told her that organic skin care would be a good niche for us because it was something we both know about. She said, “let’s do it!”
So we bought the domain name, “The Best Organic Skin Care“. In hindsight, I would have picked a more brandable name, but we were going for a keyword rich name. That was in August of 2014.
After a month or two of working on this website (I had no idea what I was getting into, I figured you just put up some affiliate links and you would start making money), we realized that it wasn’t quite so simple. We realized that people don’t just stumble on your blog. We knew we needed something more to get people to our site.
We found Affilorama, and were looking into buying their Affilojetpack package for $1000! It seemed like a lot of money so I researched reviews on it. I found a website that offered a review as well as a run down of a program called Wealthy Affiliate. I was drawn in by their offer of two free websites with free hosting.
I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member. I used that time to investigate the program and I skimmed through the training. I took advantage of their $19 first month as a premium member to see what all they had to offer. I am happy to say that I found it to be an excellent place to learn about affiliate marketing.
After joining Wealthy Affiliate and learning how to target keywords and do proper SEO, we were getting traffic to our site! After a month, we had made our first sale! This felt like winning the lottery, it was proof that this model could work.
Fast forward to today, our site has almost 400 views a day, 200 posts and 22 pages. We are making daily sales with Amazon and are on our way to making an income from our endeavors. At this point, we are still only making a small income and it is not enough for us to live off of, but we know that will come.  Andrea4
The biggest thing that creates success in this online world is never giving up, always learning, and celebrating all the small wins. I have had times where I have wondered if I should give up, times when I didn’t think it was worth it. I put 2 – 6 hours into my site every day, I have had to give up keeping my house spotless and watching TV.
My goals keep me going, I want to bring my husband home from having to work, I want to travel with my family and still make money, I want to go to Mexico. These goals are what make me work every day, even when I don’t feel like it. I know that giving up is not an option. The only way to be successful is to keep going.
That is my story, I hope that a year from now my story will include how I finally made enough money to live off of, I have bought a camper and my family and I are traveling across Canada. If I keep working, my dreams will come true.
Thank you, Andrea!  You can build the blog/website of your dreams now, too!  A real business is built over time and is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  If you really want to own your business and work for yourself and YOUR future, check out Ready to learn how to make money online? And Start living your online dream today!

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