1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin Review

Hello, my lovelies!

I just received my 1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin from GSI Exchange and I couldn’t be happier!

As some of you know, I’ve been collecting coins for over 30 years.  I don’t spend hours per day studying and collecting while using an eyepiece to examine my coins, but I do enjoy adding a few new coins to my collection every year.  A few years ago, my husband caught the coin collecting bug and it has since become a fun hobby that we share.  If he was telling this story, he would be the only collector in the house.  By rights, he does have the bigger (and better) collection…  I even gave up some of my old silver halves to his collection.  Ah, love… it makes you do crazy things.

October holds my husbands birthday and I begin the month by stressing out over what to get him EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  One of my favorite blogs that I follow on Facebook (Amy and Arons Real Life Reviews) posted an awesome opportunity to review a brand new Silver coin.  I applied for one of the review spots and didn’t tell a single soul about it.  I mean, how cool would it be to give hubby an awesome new coin for his birthday?  Totally cool, right?  But, what if I wasn’t chosen?  I knew I better keep quiet until I knew either way…

Well, I opened my email this past Friday to find out that I was chosen!  I could NOT wait until my hubby came home from work!  Oh, wait!  Maybe I shouldn’t say anything until the coin arrived?  Ugh.  I was so excited, but I really didn’t want to say anything until I had it in my hand!

We had our last weekend camping trip of the year that evening, and of course, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I blabbed to our friends and my hubby about being chosen to review a 1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin.  Hubby says, “so… you get to keep it for giving an honest review of the coin?”  I said, “yep…”  And, without any further talking on my part, not even mentioning his birthday, he says, “what an awesome birthday present for me” while smiling at his friends.  What a ham…


1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear Silver Coin

Look at that beauty!

The coin arrived in a hard plastic protective case.  There were a couple of pages of educational materials included in the envelope that I found helpful for both beginners and experienced collectors, alike.  I visited the website and went through the ordering process, which was easy peasy lemon squeezy…  Then, I called their number and asked a few questions.  They were knowledgeable and helpful!  Customer comments noted that it usually takes just 2 days to get your package from GSI Exchange.

You can check them out online at gsiexchange.com.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB and reviews can be found all over social media.

I took a few pictures of this beautiful coin with a quarter for size comparison.

1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear silver coin

1.5 ounce 2017 Grizzly Bear silver coin

The Coin has fantastic detail on the Grizzly.  The flip side of the coin features a bust of Queen Elizabeth II.  This coin is stunning!  It’s heavy and thick and has the maple leaf above the 9999 stamp that tells you it’s .9999 pure silver.

This is officially the thickest coin in my (our:) collection.  Can you believe how thick it is?  Crazy, right?

The website for GSI exchange has a wealth of information for both collectors and investors.  One of the first items you’ll find when visiting their website is a free downloadable investors guide.  They keep a running tally to the right of the site with the days’ gold pricing, as well as a graph showing the price for the past few months.  At the very top, you’ll find the price for gold and silver and if it’s up or down in price.  You’ll find new mint coins, old classics, and precious metals IRA.  This is your one-stop shop.

The review request was for 4 different reviews.  That’s right-  I wrote 4 reviews about one coin.  This blog post is not one of those reviews.  I wrote this for me.  In my industry, it’s not every day that you get to review something you are into.  Most of the time, bloggers and reviewers have no previous knowledge of the product they review.  We have to learn about it, use it, get to know the company…

I want to thank GSI Exchange and Amy and Arons Real Life reviews for this awesome opportunity and an absolutely gorgeous coin.  I enjoyed every part of this review and hope to work with both of you again.





Nicole Deskins

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